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Entrepreneurship holds promise to boost employability: Slathia

Post by RK News on Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Vijaypur, Sep 28: Referring to the big impetus being given to the startup initiative by Prime Minister NarendraModi to empower the youth, former minister and the BJP Pradesh vice-president Surjeet Singh Slathia Wednesday called for mindset change in order to become job providers rather than job seekers.
“Entrepreneurship has the prospect of leading a good life and deriving satisfaction of being a job provider,” Surjeet Singh Slathia said while inaugurating two establishments in the private sector at Bari-Brahmana and Vijaypur.
Slathia highlighted the crucial importance of promoting employability and lauded the motivation among youth for not hankering after white collar jobs but instead taking up entrepreneurship, which he described as a viable option for self-sustenance and generating jobs.
He hoped that a positive approach and progressive vision in the private sector can be beneficial to society. It is an ethical responsibility of the entrepreneurs to ensure supply of credible products at affordable prices. Credibility is a huge investment in the business sector and those engaged in entrepreneurship should understand it for having harmonious relationships with clientele, he maintained.
Slathia said that being a job provider is a real thrill, adding that drive and initiative among youth in establishing profit generating units could be the answer to burgeoning unemployment in a place like Jammu, where industrial and corporate sectors are yet to grow like other parts of the country. He, however, referred to the initiatives by the BJP led Government at the Centre to attract large scale investments for giving a big boost to industrial and corporate sectors, which would eventually lead to massive employment generation.
Lauding the initiative of the entrepreneurs, Slathia wished them all the success, hoping that their establishments will bring cheer in the lives of those getting jobs. He also hoped that these establishments would meet the requirements of the local population.

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