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Anantnag teacher develops ‘auto-protection model’ for crops, plants against hailstorms

Post by Younus Rashid on Monday, December 12, 2022

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Anantnag, Dec 11: A government school teacher in south Kashmir’s Anantnag has developed a model which according to him can prevent heavy losses to the orchardists and farmers during inclement weather, especially by hailstorms.

Raja Waseem Nazir from the Sallar area of Anantnag said he has developed a model that can automatically put a cover over the area of orchard and agricultural land during the gusty hailstorm to prevent any damage to the fruits and crops. He said the model can also save rainwater which can be used later for the irrigation of orchards and crops.

“The innovative model works automatically in the hailstorm. It does not stop the rain but gives an alarm about the downpour. It will also store rainwater in a reservoir which can be used for irrigation of plants,” Raja told Rising Kashmir.

The project can also be used in the military (defence) to cover ammunition as it will act as camouflage, he said, adding that there is a heavy wind detector that also gives a warning of blowing winds.

“The model has many advantages. It is eco-friendly and does not harm insects, particularly honey bees, that support pollination,” the innovator said.

What led to the innovation?

“I pioneered a model after seeing the plight of apple producers and farmers. Every time there is a hailstorm, the harvest gets destroyed. I used to think what can I do to help people in this situation? I was struck by the idea of creating something that will protect crops whenever there is a hailstorm,” he said.

This model is primarily a small-scale demonstration. It operates mechanically and sensors are set up to detect hail and deploy a net that protects the crop from the devastating effects of hail.

These features of the model will bring many benefits to farmers by protecting crops from hail and not stopping drizzling on crops, Waseem said.

When asked how much time it took him to develop the model, he said, "Around three months of work and a lot of effort."

Interestingly, a video has gone viral on social media as well, in which he demonstrated the model and explained how it can protect apple plants and other crops.

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