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MC Baramulla president unveils ambitious plans for town’s development
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MC Baramulla president unveils ambitious plans for town’s development

The projects promise to revitalise the town's urban landscape: Touseef Raina

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Monday, May 22, 2023

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Baramulla, May 21: President Municipal Council (MC) Baramulla on Sunday unveiled a set of development plans for the upcoming financial year which, he said, are aimed at enhancing the town’s infrastructure and beautifying its key areas. 
Touseef Raina said the proposals submitted under the Financial Commission grants encompass a diverse range of projects that promise to revitalise Baramulla town's urban landscape. 
Topping the list of initiatives is the construction of mini-type shops at Kokar Bazar Baramulla and the general bus stand, which are intended to rehabilitate street vendors and provide them with dedicated spaces to conduct their businesses. 
Raina said the move is expected to not only uplift the livelihoods of local vendors but also enhance the overall vibrancy of the markets.  He also put forth plans for the construction of a clock tower near Carriapa Park “to add a touch of elegance and functionality” to the city.
“This iconic landmark is envisioned to become a focal point of the city, serving as a symbol of Baramulla's rich heritage and a gathering spot for residents and visitors alike,” he said. 
Furthermore, a majestic fountain is set to grace the main Chowk Azad Gunj, adding to the city's charm and providing a refreshing ambiance to the bustling intersection. 
The council aims to create a welcoming environment for pedestrians by developing footpaths on both sides of the national highway, stretching from the post office to Carripa Park. 
Touseef said the initiative will improve pedestrian safety and facilitate smoother movement along this vital thoroughfare.
Building upon the ongoing efforts to beautify the market, Raina said the second phase of the project will involve the installation of ornamental lights, infusing the area with a captivating ambiance during evening hours. “This endeavor will not only enhance the visual appeal of the market but also contribute to a more delightful shopping experience for residents and visitors alike,” he said.
The Municipal Council Baramulla president also highlighted the progress made on last year's proposals. While sharing the notable accomplishments, Raina said that the construction of a double-story office building for the MC Baramulla is scheduled to commence construction later this month.
He said the work on the slaughterhouse has already commenced following the release of the tender, while the shopping complex behind Chungi Post Khowja Bagh is nearing completion with 80 percent of the work done. "Plans are also underway for the construction of a Square Shopping complex near Sherwani Community Hall, with the tender release expected soon," he added. 
The proposal evoked mixed responses from locals, with some expressing their support for the ambitious plans put forth by the Municipal Council of Baramulla. However, several residents highlighted the need for prioritising public parking as a pressing concern in the city. 
Aamir Ahmed, a shopkeeper in Kokar Bazar, said, “While the construction of mini-type shops and beautification projects are welcome steps, we must not overlook the pressing issue of inadequate public parking. It is a challenge for both residents and visitors to find suitable parking spaces, especially during peak hours. Addressing this concern will significantly improve the overall accessibility and convenience for everyone,” he said. 
Sameer Ahmad Gojree, a resident of Old Town Baramulla, said the proposed projects sound promising and will undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of the town.

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