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Love from the soul
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Love from the soul

Post by RK News on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Aneeka Zehra
When I walked throw the crowd
I saw bodies wrapped in shrouds
Their shrouds were without pockets
Their eyes were missing from the pockets
Their sockets were hollow
Their is more to follow
The empty sockets followed me as if they could see
I ran from the the dead towards the sea
The sea of graves less hard than dead
But still as difficult so carefully i tread
I treaded without stepping on the small grave
I was very frightened but i need to be brave
I braved along the way to find a place to sit
And saw some people digging a deep pit
A pit so deep i closed my eyes
When i opened them they were pouring in lies
Pouring lies in that pit along with his hate
I think what that man did to own his ugly fate
His fate so ugly I had to step away
From the massive grave where his body will decay
The decaying dead were meanwhile laying in their beds
Made up of mud where they rested their heads
Their heads are dust now only the soul is alive
Their hearts are dust now but the  love they brewed
The love brewed from heart now mixed with soil
And the soul has nothing  to say so it is very much spoiled
Spoiled is the soul no peace and no dove
Dust is the heart no heart and no love
The spirit is watching the heart decaying with a scowl
Saying we should love straight from the soul
(Aneeka Zehra is Class9th student at Little Angel's High School, Rajbhagh, Srinagar)


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