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Kashmir’s first food vlogger Tasiya Tariq revives forgotten traditional dishes

Post by RK News on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Srinagar, Nov 14: Kashmir Valley has its own style due to its immense natural beauty and changing seasons. Wazan and other traditional dishes here are also famous all over the world. But nowadays there are many traditional dishes and foods that the people of Kashmir have either forgotten to make or have forgotten.
In this case, Tasiya Tariq has taken up the task of reviving the original way of preparing the forgotten dishes of Kashmir. Tasiya Tariq is Kashmir's first food vlogger, who expertly explains how to prepare various foods, especially forgotten dishes, in three languages: Urdu, Kashmiri, and English. Through her YouTube channel called "Kashmir Food Fusion", Tasia has become a household name not only in Kashmir but also nationally and internationally.
A 30-year-old resident of Mominabad, Butta Malu, Srinagar, Tasia started a YouTube channel called "Kashmir Food Fusion" in 2018. It has more than two lakh subscribers today. Actually, this idea came to her when Tasia was searching the internet with her husband for the recipe for Kashmiri wazwan pilaf. But they didn't get the knowledge to make it the right way. After that, Tasia started making different Kashmiri dishes. After getting the know-how, started making videos and reaching out to people through my YouTube channel.
Most Wazan dishes are based on meat and poultry. Among them are kebabs, various meat and chicken kormas made from Kashmiri curries, tabak maaz, saffron cooker, yakhni, rasta, rogan josh, abgosht, as well as curd in small delicate clay bowls, various types of chutneys and saffron aroma. Palau etc. are included and say that whenever Pandit Nehru came to Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah used to arrange wazwan for him.
Although most of Wazwan's cuisine is based on meat and chicken, there is no dearth of subtle and delicious dishes for vegetarian guests as well. Dishes like nadru yakhni, gochi pulao, dum aloo, rajma gogji, hook ka saag are the dishes that form part of the wazaan. Abgosht is the last dish of the wazawan that is served to the guests. The arrangement of the wazawan for any guest is a sign of hospitality. The first is representative of the prestige and status of the host.
Although Tasiya Tariq initially used to make videos related to the preparation of different dishes of Wazan, later with a better response from the people and an increase in subscribers, she started preparing various forgotten dishes by Kashmiris living in the country and abroad. A request was made to make radios on how to do it. After this Tasiya started making videos not only on making famous dashes of Kashmiri Muslims but also of the Pandit community. The series of which continues. Tasia claims that she cooks the traditional dish the same way. As is their original method of making.
Tasia has a master's degree in English literature. In such a situation, she is doing a better job of spreading knowledge about forgotten traditional foods along with her married life. However, this talented woman says that this work is not possible without the support of her husband and especially her in-laws. People appreciate this initiative of Tasia Tariq, in this way, she is not only reviving forgotten foods with food fusion but also making a distinct identity as a successful V-Lager by telling the original and authentic method of these foods. Is.
Women are advancing in every sphere of life in Jammu and Kashmir There was a time when girls were given less attention than boys in education and skills development, but this is no longer the case. The best and most prominent performance of girls in every field of life has changed this thinking. Now parents are also considering girls as equal to boys and offering their full support to them to advance in every field. In such a situation, she has not only become a successful food vlogger but also becoming an inspiration for other women. (ANI)

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