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FCIK dismayed over meter replacement for industrial units

Post by RK News on Monday, December 5, 2022

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Srinagar, Dec 4: The Federation of Chambers of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) has expressed dismay over the new instructions from KPDCL asking the industrial enterprises for replacement of their 3-phase meters with Trivector meters.
In a statement issued, the apex industrial organisation has conveyed that the instructions for replacement of meters by the enterprises at their own expenses “were against the very interests of already fragile enterprises”, majority of which would be unable to spend 25000 or more on each meter.
“Only a few years back, all industrial units were made to replace their meters with currently installed meters and now asking for changing these again was to further burden the financially crippled industrial community”, reads the statement.
FCIK questioned “the wisdom in replacement of meters merely for recording energy in KVAh parameters” instead of kWh parameters in vogue till now. Understandably, the meters installed had the mechanism to record energy in both parameters, the FCIK stated.
“Even though, PDD considered it necessary to replace meters, they should do that out of their own funds like it was done for other consumers”, suggested FCIK.
FCIK has taken up the matter with Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the  Union Territory of J&K and Ladakh and other authorities for clarification and resolution of the issue at the earliest.
FCIK has also taken expressed unhappiness “over language of the letters being issued to the entrepreneurs.”
A letter from one of the concerned AEEs of KPDCL issued in favour of industrial units, according to FCIK  reads, “As per new tariff in vogue the energy recording of all 3-phase meters, commercial,  industrial (HT/LT) installations irrespective of sanctioned load are to be recorded on kVAh parameters instead of kWh.  As such you are hereby directed to replace your meters by Trivector energy meters otherwise your electricity supply will be disconnected within two days from the issuance of this notice”.

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