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An aspiring innovator behind Kashmir’s comic face
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An aspiring innovator behind Kashmir’s comic face

Post by Insha Latief Khan on Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Umar Qureshi, a content creator from Anantnag is popularly known for entertaining people with his content on social media. Like any other person, Umar wanted to have everything he had ever wished for but the financial constraints at his home would always push him back.

Wanting to be an innovator, he would often spend his time constructing models but many times, he would hold back due to the unavailability of the equipment.

He said, “Asking money from parents is not possible every time. I belong to a humble family and have responsibilities over my shoulders. I wanted to make many things but couldn’t because of the lack of money.”

On the recommendation of his friend, he made a YouTube channel and started entertaining people. Being good at comedy helped him in gaining followers.

“I started making entertaining videos which reached a wide audience and people enjoyed my content. I made comedy, roast, and reaction videos. I also uploaded science model videos. Those videos were also liked by the audience, particularly kids. With time I earned followers in lakhs,” he said.

He managed two YouTube pages by the name, Umar Qureshi and Kashmir Talenters, both having followers of more than 1 lakh which earned him two silver play buttons.

“I earned a good amount of money which I used in the making of the models and other things. I constructed a workplace and got new equipment. This all has happened because of YouTube,” he said.

Also, he is working on a project called automatic ladder for apple harvesting which removes the apples from the trees very easily. The intention behind making the ladder is to have a convenient and hassle-free plucking of the fruit.

He said, “In the past, I have also made a Mobile Power Control House system where we can control the lights and electric appliances of the house with the help of a mobile phone while sitting from a far-off place. The lighting system can be operated with the help of an old phone having no internet connection. We all have a number of old phones at home and we can make anything new with them.”

He kept on making models one after another and started uploading content on his channel. Through this, they reached out to the students who were struggling with their science models and projects.

One of his models, the ATM machine, works on the fingerprint sensor that allows only a bank account holder to withdraw money from the machine, thus avoiding the chances of money stealing.

Apart from making content, Umar takes a keen interest in technical learning and studies.

“Every day I learn new things. There is no way to surrender yourself to problems. One has to do anything to come out of the bad situations in life. One shouldn’t feel shy or ashamed of doing little things to earn money. One has to be an all-rounder,” he said.

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