Tral man Jagat Maharajpromotes mother tongue through internet 
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Tral man Jagat Maharajpromotes mother tongue through internet 

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Srinagar, Nov 29: Jagat Singh (popularly known as (Jagat Maharaj) an elderly man has become internet sensation in Kashmir after his comedy videos went viral on social media and people also praised his unique talent.
Hailing from Nanar Tral area of Pulwama district in south Kashmir, Singh says from his childhood, he was inclined towards poetry.
" After my retirement from government job, I spent most of my time on poetry and started composing poems on current and prevailing issues," he said.
Singh says Kashmiri language is a sweet language which has united people in Valley. It is the language of all people living here. People should speak, write and promote the Kashmiri language,” Singh said.
He said last year, his videos on Covid-19 poetry went viral on social media. “I want to continue poetry and will raise issues of my village, society and will act as a bridge between people and government,” he said.
Singh said they are living in a far-flung area which is being highlighted in my poetry. Fortunately, now we have social media to promote the Kashmiri language,” he said.
He said people should not forget their roots in culture and language.
“They should read and write about Kashmiri culture and literature. Poets are called the real asset of a any society and they reflect, represent the society,” he said.
Singh says comedy can play an important role in challenging people to address critical social issues.
 “Humor and comedy can help in contributing to social change by drawing attention, disarming audiences, breaking down social barriers and stimulating sharing and discussion,” he said.
In his  message to young artists and poets, Singh says if someone is in the poetic line, he or she must review more literature and understand its depth. The mother tongue should be given more priority as it can be the biggest contrition to it," he said.
"There is no shortcut to becoming successful. We have to work hard to achieve the feat,' he added. 

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