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Post by on Friday, March 18, 2022

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Admire your teachers and lionize them too

Even take pride in tying their shoe

Teacher is one even who teaches you a single word

Even In his favour your lifelong obedience incurred

Hark! Teacher transforms you into a real human

And in nation building they have Irrefutable contribution

Teacher is not one who only teaches you how to pass the semester test

Howbeit he will also enlighten you how to do inthe word hereafter best

The one who acquaints you with realities of life

Even trains you how to manage a heated strife

Albeit peripheralhis positionmay sound before head of state

But they are the people who heads of every realm create

Whose profession is not only a means of livelihood, but noble metier

That is no one other than your esteemed teacher

Exceedingly respect your teachers for he is superhuman

He shares more relation with you more than his own children


(Poem is dedicated to my teacher, prof. Mir Mubashir Altaf)


(Poet is Columnist and law student at Kashmir University. He tweets at ummar-jamal and can be reached at umarjamal968@gmail.com)








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