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Sopore’s ‘Kabbad say Jugaad’ campaign to address plastic waste issue

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Baramulla, Oct 17: To set an example for others to follow, the Municipal Council of Sopore, led by its President Masrat Kar, has launched a new effort to reuse plastic garbage in an eco-friendly manner.
An official from Municipal Council Sopore said that the campaign is a part of polythene Mukt Baharat and the process will continue in near future as well.
She said that Council will educate people to turn plastic trash into lovely baskets and usable items.
Talking to Rising Kashmir Kar said that the "Kabad Se Jugaad" campaign is an effort to address the enormous problem of plastic garbage in the town.
"This Kabaad se Jugaad effort will assist in addressing the massive issue of plastic garbage accumulation, which even poses significant environmental risks. But recycling the plastic will help to reduce open dumping of it more,'' Masarat added.
She also expressed that a sizeable number of young people, particularly women, might join this project and contribute to saving the environment from the threat of unchecked plastic trash while also providing a respectable living for their families.
"This innovative way of handling plastic can give job to our youth who are unemployed can contribute to their families by earning from this scheme," she continued.
She claimed that one female has already received training for the initiative and may begin working on it in a day or two.
While holding a beautiful plastic basket made from used plastic Kar said that this is just the beginning of Municipal Council Sopore and that the entire picture is still to come.
The netizens hailed the move by MC Sopore and its president for setting an example as how to re-use plastic for decorative products.
The initiative also received priase from Deputy Commissioner Baramulla Dr. Sehrish Asgar who called the move as a 'very nice initiative'.

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