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Showkat Lone: A resourceful teacher
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Showkat Lone: A resourceful teacher

Post by Younus Rashid on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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A teacher at Government Middle School C.R. Pora, in zone Damhal Hanjipora (D H Pora) in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district has devised many innovative methods which not only improved teaching methodology but also yields the desired results with regards to the increase in enrollment and the overall development of the school. 
From the very beginning of his entry into the Department of School Education, Showkat Ahmad, a young teacher from Kulgamhas always fought for joyful, child-centred teaching and learning.
He has helped in transforming all the schools he has been assigned to date along the path of educating students. He has always been on standby to make sure he contributes to society.  
Showkat told Rising Kashmir that throughout the process so far, he has used numerous tips, techniques and strategies that have dramatically reduced the dropout rate; and at the same time, the retention rate in the schools increased tremendously during his tenure. 
He currently works as the head teacher in Government Middle School, Naikpora where he pours smiles through teaching and joyful learning and so named their school as a center of "joyful learning". 
"After joining the said school, my priority remained to develop the school in all aspects,since the School is home to 50% of students from the ST community and the rest are from disadvantaged backgrounds," he said.
He has been successful in mobilizing the ST community who would usually migrate to the lap of mighty Pir Panchal and are now living permanently in the Catchment Area of the School. Spearheading the door-to-door campaign to integrate the "Out Of School", "Never Enrolled" and "Drop Outs", has resulted in the improved enrollment from 75 to 136 students.
"As a resourceful teacher, I have mobilized and utilized quantifiable community resources in the overall physical development of the school. I managed to motivate community elders through the Village Education Committee (VEC) to enroll their wards in public schools," he said.
He further said, "It's on the record that I never gave myself up for tuition. I have pedagogical craft of making my lessons in the class more interesting, informative and understandable to one and all by way of various graphic models, sketches, graphs and by making the lessons lucid and inclusive.”
While smiling, he said, it is worth noting that I was able to give many lessons throughout the TV classroom on the DD Kashir channel.
Showkat helps the weakest students of society by providing books for free. He also established closer ties with their parents. 
“I am the Recipient of Zonal and District Awards, besides I have received a lot of appreciation letters from the Secretary of Education, Director of School Education, State Project Director Samagra Shiksha besides from Education Officers, principals of higher Secondary and Zonal Education Officers,” he said.
Showkat has succeeded in establishing the kindergarten classes, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) under the name “NANHEY QADAM” in the school and also established an elementary level laboratory in the school which is an achievement in itself. 
“I was able to mobilize the community to donate a projector and a few books for in-school transactions. I have developed various learning corners in the School for the Foundation of Literacy and Numeracy (FLN). I have beautified the three  available buildings, painted them with attractive colors and drew various Educational patterns and diagrams on the walls and made them as an aid for teaching learning,” he said, adding he is trying to make the school the model school of the town. 
He is also planning to introduce professional courses like embroidery, sewing and knitting for students in addition to their studies. 

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