Rural Kashmir traffic police launches special drive to clamp down on traffic violations
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Rural Kashmir traffic police launches special drive to clamp down on traffic violations

Post by RK Online Desk on Monday, December 11, 2023

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In a concerted effort to curb traffic violations, the rural Kashmir Traffic Police launched a special drive under the supervision of SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir, Ravinder Pal Singh , in Budgam on Monday.

The operation resulted in the seizure of numerous vehicles found in violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, with the impounded vehicles securely sent to DPL Budgam.

On-the-spot fines were levied against several offenders, particularly those carrying excess passengers, lacking fitness, and motorcyclists riding without crash helmets, including instances of triple riding.

Drivers and commuters were promptly briefed on road safety, emphasizing adherence to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and related rules to mitigate the risk of road traffic accidents.

SSP Ravinder Pal Singh urged motorists to use helmets and seat belts judiciously, emphasizing strict enforcement for those failing to comply with traffic rules.

He underscored the importance of responsible parenting, warning against providing vehicles to minors without valid driving licenses, with parents also facing legal consequences.

SSP Singh issued a stern warning, stating, "We will act tough against violators to reduce incidents of accidents and fatalities." He called for collective responsibility, urging the entire society to abide by traffic rules and regulations to safeguard precious human lives.

As part of the ongoing commitment to public safety, the traffic police stressed the necessity for all members of the community to follow their advice and adhere to traffic rules diligently.