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Restaurants in Srinagar offering lip-smacking Arabian, Mediterranean dishes for Ramzan
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Restaurants in Srinagar offering lip-smacking Arabian, Mediterranean dishes for Ramzan

Post by ANI on Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Since the holy month of Ramzan has begun, many restaurants in Kashmir have changed their menus. The restaurants are offering a variety of lip-smacking dishes for the iftar.

According to Islamic Calendar, the month of Ramzan is the month of fasting, prayers, and forgiveness. This is the time to rekindle relationships between friends and relatives. During Ramzan, people break their fast together with their families and pray for each other.

At Kashmir eateries, delicious dishes are prepared for people fasting during the holy month.

The food at Cafe Ababil in Wazir Bagh, Srinagar, is diverse. Together with a platter of fresh fruits, it also provides you with dates. The menu includes soulful delicacies in the form of basil seed drinks, scrumptious paranthas and Mediterranean dishes.

Bisharat Hussain, the senior executive chef of Cafe Ababil, said, "We have a balanced menu for Iftar. The tulsi seed syrup is served first, followed by the nuts and the hummus. We serve both vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine. They next receive Lal Mas and Murg al-Fahm Vigra. These dishes are served to the guests at Iftar, and the ritual lasts until 10.30 pm. And here prayer is also arranged for men and women."

On a specially prepared Iftar menu, the Marine Dine Restaurant in Jawaharlal Nehru offers aromatic and tasty non-vegetarian cuisine.

Marine Dine employee Rizwan Ahmed said that apart from Afghani momos and tandoori momos, trout fish is also made here in the tandoori style.

"During Ramzan, we prepare Arabian dishes. Basil seed drink, nuts and dates are provided free of charge. Our dishes here include haleem, shesh tao, fish, fattoosh and other delicacies," he added.

He further said, "We also have dishes for vegetarians. We offer both iftar and suhoor here. This idea was borrowed from Saudi. There is a mosque nearby where prayers are arranged."

There are many restaurants in Srinagar that serve Arabian and Mediterranean dishes. Traditional Kashmiri dishes are also served to their guests during Ramzan.

Ghulam Nabi, an employee of Riviera, said, "We explain everything here to our guests. Tulsi seed syrup, fruits, kebabs, Kashmiri wazawan, meat and vegetable dishes are included in our menu." (ANI)

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