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RDD B’la organizes Gram Sabhas to present panchayat report card

PRC enlists performance achieved in different sectors: ACD

Post by RK News on Monday, October 24, 2022

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Baramulla, Oct 23: As part of ongoing Jan Abhiyan launched by the Government as a prelude to the forthcoming “Back to Village -4” campaign, Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Baramulla in collaboration with different line departments organized special Gram Sabhas across the district during which Panchayat Report cards were presented by the concerned field functionaries.
Giving details about the programme, Assistant Commissioner Development Baramulla, Yar Ali Khan informed that presentation of Panchayat Report Card is the first of its kind and innovative initiative which gives an overview of performance achieved in different sectors at the Gram Panchayat Level. He added that the Report Card has been used to describe any systematic listing and evaluation of works of 14 line departments spanning over 29 subjects.
”It is a new and innovative method used for grading of performance in Panchayats. The purpose of Panchayat report cards is to convey information from the departments and Panchayats to the Gram Sabha”, said ACD.
He further said that Deliverables are important part of Panchayat report card which are directly linked with all the individual beneficiaries. He said that different novel initiatives are being launched by the government which aims to strengthen the Panchayat Raj System thereby realizing the mission of democratic decentralization and devolution of powers to Panchayat particularly three "Fs"(Funds, Functions and Functionaries).
He added that village local government is established through Panchayati Raj, which significantly contributes to the development of villages, particularly in areas like primary education, health, agricultural advancements, women and child development, and women’s participation in local government, among other things. 

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