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Police to get armoured JCBs, tractors for operations in Valley
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Police to get armoured JCBs, tractors for operations in Valley

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Srinagar, Mar 31: Jammu and Kashmir Police is mulling to procure high end armoured JCBs and tractors for operational recruitment in the Valley as the Ministry of Home Affairs has already approved the proposal, officials said.
A senior official at Jammu and Kashmir Police told Rising Kashmir that MHA has approved purchase of 5 Armoured 05 JCB and 05 Tractors sanctioned under High End Security System for J&K Police to conduct operations in terror hotspots in the Valley.
"The bullet proof vehicles will be a big boost for the police department as it will ensure safety of the police personnel for conducting anti-terror operations on the ground," he said.
The official said these vehicles can provide several benefits to police in dangerous situations. They will help the police in going closer to the encounter sites and aim at the target at a closer range, he said.
"These vehicles will provide enhanced protection to officers during high-risk operations such as hostage situations, terrorist attacks, and can help minimize casualties and injuries," the police official said.
He said such vehicles provide a tactical advantage for police officers, as they can be used as a shield or barrier to shield officers and civilians from incoming gunfire.
"These vehicles can help protect police officers from physical harm and allow them to safely move through areas where there may be dangerous or hostile crowds," he said.
The police officer also said these vehicles can help police respond more effectively and safely in high-risk situations, ultimately helping to protect both officers and the public.
He said MHA has issued a separate order for the same conveyed vide sanction No.17012/4/ 2019-K-I(iv) dated: 12.03.2020.) The purchase shall have been made through the GeM portal as per GFR and after observing all the codal formalities.
Around Rupees 193.85 lacs (Rupees One Crore Ninety Three Lakh and Eighty Five thousand only) has been sanctioned for the same.
The police officer said over the past several years, Police has modernised its weapons and equipment inventory to effectively deal with anti-national elements.
"By using such technologies our Jawans remain also safe and we safely focus on our target without facing any collateral damage. Apart from these vehicles, we have the latest modern weaponry arms and equipment," he said.
In Kashmir CRPF is using Critical Situation Response Vehicles (CSRV) and Armoured JCB's in encounters. CSRV is indigenously designed by R&D Wing of CRPF and the initial model has collaborated with DRDO. This vehicle can gain a height to intervene into any house, or terrace especially to upper storey.

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