One-way traffic

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One-way traffic

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the ongoing construction work near Lambert Lane Lal Chowk. Due to the construction of perhaps the drains, the road has been squeezed with material lying on one side and a narrow road available now for traffic. Even the wider road earlier featured one-way traffic, which is still followed in day time. Still some ignorant people can be found driving in the wrong direction, mostly in evening time when there are no traffic cops around. Such pathetic people know that there is hardly any space for one vehicle to move but despite that they push their cars through. People have no sense as which way to take and where to park. The nuisance has become intolerable now. We request the traffic authorities take strong note of that and punish all those drivers who although aware that it is one-way traffic on that road still drive in wrong direction.

Anees Malik 


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