Muniza Jan: A child artist who mimics voice of six cartoon characters
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Muniza Jan: A child artist who mimics voice of six cartoon characters

Post by Javid Sofi on Sunday, November 6, 2022

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Hindi dubbed versions of Japanese cartoon series- Shin Chan and Doraemon -aired on different TV channels are very popular among children in India.
Some are so much obstinate that they remain glued to television sets or mobile screens for hours to watch their favourite cartoon characters.The children from Southern parts of Kashmir are no exception.
Muniza Jan, a 3rd standard student at solace International School Pulwama comes from Batapora locality of apple town Shopian.
She narrated that her two younger brothers are diehard followers of Hindi version of Shin Chan and Doraemon cartoon series. 
In the company of her younger siblings, she too loved watching various cartoon shows on Television.Curiosity drived her to mimic voices of some favourite cartoon characters.
The siblings were surprised to find her producing exactly the same voices they have been hearing in the animated series.
With consistent practice she started improving. “I believe that practice makes a person perfect, with consistency I was able to learn the skill of mimicry with great precision,” she said.
Now it was time to demonstrate her talent before others. The initial demonstrations were presented before her family members who were impressed with her talent.Their support and encouragement boosted Muniza to take it to the next level.She started entertaining people in marriage parties at her relatives’ homes.
 When teachers at Solace International School Bunora Pulwama noticed Muniza’s talent they provided her a platform to groom it.
“The chairman sir and principal madam helped me to improve and nourish my talent, they helped me a lot,” Muniza said.
Today she produces voice of six popular characters including Shin Chan, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Doraemon and Shin Chan Kay Papa.
Shin Chan is a main character in Japanese Manga series and anime,crayon-Shin-Chan.He is a mischievous but intelligent 5 year old boys while Doraemon is a earless cute cat robot character in the cartoon series by same name.Nobita, Gian and Shizuka are other characters in this Japanese Manga and animated series.
The characters are voiced by different persons in Japanese, English and Hindi translations. Akanksha Sharma, Parul Bhatnagar and Sonal Kaushal have lend voice to some of these cartoon characters in Hindi version.
Muniza’s mimicry talent has won him good fan following and she has became very popular in her friend circle.
She said that mimicry is an art and fun for her.“It gives me immense pleasure to find small kids bursting into loud guffaws after I mimic their favourite cartoon characters in front of them,” she said.
She told Rising Kashmir that she feels very elated to bring smiles on tense faces, especially on the faces of small kids.
These days she is being regularly invited to perform in various school and college functions and her mimicry adds charm to these functions. 
Muniza believes that she can become a good dubbing artist in future. 
“ When you work hard with determination nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goal,” she said, adding that she will strive hard to realise her dream.

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