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KVK Samba workshop: Experts for scientific practices to improve fodder crop production
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KVK Samba workshop: Experts for scientific practices to improve fodder crop production

Post by RK News on Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Samba, Dec 19: Krishi Vigyan Samba, under the leadership of Professor J.P. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu and under the direct supervision of Dr. S.K. Gupta, on Monday, organized a one-day workshop on “agro-technology of important grasses for Samba Kandi” which was attended by fifteen officers from Department of Agriculture, Samba.
The program started with the introduction of the workshop by Dr. Sanjay Khajuria, Chief Scientist & Head in which he welcomed all the participants and throw light on the importance of an organized training program. He stressed the need for the adoption of new techniques and new varieties of grasses to increase fodder production, thus improving the socio-economic conditions of the farmers. He discussed the importance of various improved scientific practices to improve the production of fodder crops, grasses, etc.
During the course of the program, Prof. Sanjay Khajuria delivered an expert lecture and introduced the officers to the new and improved varieties of the grasses which shall deliver better biomass, protein content, and palatability and thus shall be a boon for the dairy farmers who may gain through improved milk production of the dairy animals. He emphasized the cultivation of these grasses in the Kandi region of Samba so as to prevent soil erosion as well as to improve soil fertility. 
The officers of the department were given a demonstration of the various initiatives of the KVK vis-a-vis different grasses being grown on the KVK farm to provide them firsthand knowledge of the different varieties.
Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, a Scientist (Animal Sciences) delivered an expert lecture on the preservation of fodder crops through silage and haymaking, for their better utilization during the lean period.
In the end, a formal vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Shalini Khajuria. Mr. Bharat Bhushan actively participated in the program.

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