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Handwara boy’s debut book focuses on neglected social evils & friendship

Post by Younus Rashid on Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Handwara, Nov 09: An engineering student decides to write his life's journey and pens down a book on friendship. Since childhood, he liked books and has been reading novels during his engineering course.
Davood Peer, a25-year-old boy from the Vodhpora village of Handwara in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district, started writing the book in 2020. His voyage into the literary world began about half a decade ago when he began to work on “Friendship – The Chosen Family”.
Davood shifts his orientation to take note of the transition after observing some generational changes. The firmness in the environment led him to write something about some neglected issues of society. He is the one with a good knowledge of literature and never cares about social obligations. The88-page book focuses on the responsibilities of students at the college and school level.
“Firm control of our mental activity will make life happier. Always keep in mind that the person is not wrong his actions are wrong. We have to remove negativity from our society and negative people. There is always a chance for improvement and so thus the chance of forgiveness. ~ Spread the love,” reads a paragraph from his book.
“If there is a strong aspiration, hope and faith, nothing can bring you down. It lets you aim for the sole purpose of life,” he believes. “It's the patience and willpower that makes one a good reader. As a writer, I am very young and have to learn a lot in life,” he said.
Davood says he won co-authorship while being a part of 'arambh-2.0' compiled by "THE 2AMTHOUGHTS". “I try to positively continue my writing journey and focus on writing about neglected social evils and other societal arrears," he said. His various articles and prose have been accepted in different anthologies and newspapers. "Its good to go on this journey and I intend to write more in the future," he said. His inspirations Arundhati Roy, an Indian author best known for her novel 'The God of Small Things', and Basharat Peer, a Kashmiri-American journalist, scriptwriter, and author.
Davood finds inspiration every day from his family and friends. At his leisure, Davood enjoys reading, travelling, and volunteering for social services.

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