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Choosing humanity over religion : Two KP samaritans save life of valley girl
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Choosing humanity over religion : Two KP samaritans save life of valley girl

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, January 14, 2023

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In, what could be called an ultimate instance of brotherhood and comradeship, that is ingrown among Kashmiris, two kashmiri pandits turned out to be saviours  for a kashmiri Muslim family struggling for their daughter's treatment in a Delhi hospital. 
On January 11, a Kashmiri family was worried about getting 16 blood points required for their daughter’s surgery in Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram. However, two Kashmiri pandits, setting an example of brotherhood, came forward to provide them with much needed respite  by  arranging the blood transfusion for their daughter in a short span of time.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, Bilal Ahmad (name changed) from Baramulla said he was in dire need of blood as her 2-year-old daughter Fatima was undergoing a  liver transplant. The said family  was naive to Delhi without knowing any one from there.
However, Sunil Koul and Sanjay Saproo  arranged the blood for the two-year-old child whose  liver transplant was later successfully conducted by the doctors.
"We have acted under the ambit of Kashmiryat and coexistence for fellow kashmiri. humanity and community service always plays a critical and pivotal role in strengthening any society, much more than the religious bindings. By this gesture I have tried to pay back a bit to my dear mother land Kashmir, which I will try to do in future as well, whenever possible, sanjay sapru , a technocrat and social activist said. 
The donors told Rising Kashmir over the phone that they work for the IT company in Guruguan and came to know that a Kashmiri family was in dire need of blood; being the locals , they arranged the donation within a short time.
Sunil Koul, one of the donors, told Rising Kashmiri over the phone. "After hearing that a two-year-old girl needed blood, he rushed to the hospital without thinking about his religion and arranged the blood for her.
"It gave us great pleasure to make a contribution that saved a minor,  we will continue to  provide a helping hand to those who are in need here," they said.
The Kashmiri family from Baramulla said that the Kashmiri Pandits helped them find their way in Delhi. Also, the doctor who conducted her surgery helped them unconditionally.
“He will never forget the way the doctor and Kashmiri pandits helped me here. He has never thought that they will do this as the situation after the 1990s has changed, but he will never accept their gesture.”
Doctor Sanjay Goja, who performed the surgery, treats Kashmiri families as if they are all members of his family. Ahmad added, "I have seen him receiving Kashmiri patients at reception."
He went on to say that after arriving in Delhi, he was told that her medical treatment would cost around Rs 30 lakhs. But this doctor completed the task in half an hour. Despite the fact that her surgery has been completed, the Kashmiri pandits continue to inquire about her health.
The gesture was welcomed by social media users, one of the Twitter user Mohit Bhan wrote,  ’Bilal's  2 YO daughter from Sopore Kashmir was in dire need of blood at Narayana Hospital Gurgaon & the angels @SapruSanjay @SunilKaul_Sunny were just a call away. My Gratitude to you two. It's people like you who will be pillars of union & inspiration. #Kashmiriyat.
” This is in the blood of all Kashmiris. We are proud of Kashmiriyat and Sanjay bhai and Sunil bhai are proud Kashmiris.” Wrote another Twitter user Tariq Ahmad.

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