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Zaffer Mir’s grand convention sparks hope to address public concerns in Budgam
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Zaffer Mir’s grand convention sparks hope to address public concerns in Budgam

‘Urges diligence in upcoming Panchayat & ULB elections’

Post by RK News on Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Srinagar, May 15: Prominent politician Zaffer Mir on Sunday chaired a grand political delegates’ convention at his residence in Lasjan. The workers’ convention was also attended by veteran politician Ghulam Nabi Mir (Lasjan).
The convention witnessed the enthusiastic participation of hundreds of delegates across the district Budgam who wholeheartedly pledged their support to Zaffer Mir's political mission and ideals, a statement issued here said.
During the convention, Mir highlighted the transformative power of the three-tier panchayat system which he said has instilled hope among the predominantly rural population. "This system has empowered people to get their issues addressed through the elected Panchs, Sarpanchs, BDCs, and DDCs," he said.
Zaffer acknowledged that this democratic structure has facilitated efficient governance at the grassroots level with almost 27 government departments working closely in tandem with Panchayat heads to cater to the needs of the people.
Looking ahead to the upcoming Panchayat and Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections, Mir urged his political affiliates to be prepared and consider endorsing new faces who are honest and possess a strong dedication to the welfare of the common masses.
"However, we need to maintain caution against being swayed by the emotive rhetoric of the political parties that have held power for decades but miserably failed to grasp the struggles and hardships faced by the people. The people have now outrightly rejected their false promises and brought about a meaningful change across Jammu & Kashmir particularly in district Budgam," he remarked.
In his address, Zaffer Mir outlined his primary focus shall be on bolstering the local economy of every household in the district, enhancing healthcare and educational infrastructure, and creating employment opportunities for the youth.
"Resolving the pressing concerns of inadequate monthly ration quotas and high electricity tariffs would be my priority if I get elected to power with your blessings and support," he said.
He urged the government to recognise the “damage caused by decades of turmoil that was further exacerbated by mismanagement, nepotism and corruption” across the Kashmir division.
"There is an urgent need for the government to take positive initiatives to alleviate the hardships and economic constraints faced by the people who have long yearned for peace and prosperity to prevail," he demanded.
He said the vision to help people and dedication to improve the lives of the people is what has inspired him to come into politics and resolve public woes. 
At the end of the gathering, the large number of delegates in attendance conveyed their unwavering trust in the leadership of Zaffer Mir and expressed gratitude towards him for the efforts made in rescuing the constituencies of the district from the effects of poor governance and developmental stagnation.

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