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Will observe Shab-E-Qadar on April 18: Rajouri, Poonch Islamic Scholars
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Will observe Shab-E-Qadar on April 18: Rajouri, Poonch Islamic Scholars

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Srinagar, Apr 03: The Islamic Scholars from Rajouri and Poonch districts of Jammu division on Tuesday reiterated that they will observe Shab-E-Qadar on April 18.
Molana Mufti Muhammad Farooq told Rising Kashmir that they observed the Holy Month of Ramadan from 23 March and as per calculations we will observe Shab-E-Qadar on April 18.
"On 22nd March, we were in touch with Mufti-Azam Nasir-Ul-Islam from Srinagar and till late night there was only one announcement that people have to observe Ramdhan from 24th. We also followed that decision," he said.
Mufti Farooqi said after three days, Mufti Azam announced that Shab-E-Qadar will be observed on 17th April. It means that he has accepted the neighboring country's decision without getting any evidence of the Crescent moon in JK," he said.
"The decision was taken in hurry without consulting people from other parts of the Union Territory," Mufti Farooq said.
Mufti Farooq said that on 12th April, people will observe Itikaf and if Almighty wishes the entire Jammu and Kashmir will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr together.
 "After Ramdhan, we will constitute a committee to avoid any further confusion over moon sighting in future. It will be having members from both the divisions," he said.
Mufti Farooq said there is no controversy in it; we have taken the decisions after consulting the Quran and Hadith.
Movli Ghulam Rasool, KhateebMarkazi Jamia Masjid Rajouri said that they stand by the decision and they will observe Shabi-e-Qadr on April 18.
"We were waiting for Mufti-Azam's announcement waiting till 11:30 pm and he also stated that no evidence of Crescent was found in part of the UT," he said adding that, Mufti Azam has decided to observe Shabi-e-Qadr on April 17," he said.
Rasool said Mufti Azam should have consulted scholars from the Jammu division, so that confusion would have ended there.  
"We woke up on Thursday morning and we were shocked by this decision. He could have delayed his official announcement but without a crescent how we observe Ramdhan on the same day,' he said.
Rasool said there are some forces who want to create more division among the people. We will not let it happen and always be together, he said.
Imaam and Khateeb Jamia Masjid Poonch Mufti Farooq Hussain Misbahi in a video message said that Ramdhan announcement was made without sighting the crescent moon.
"Even a single individual from Jammu and Kashmir could not witness any evidence of sighting of the crescent moon, how can it be suddenly visible at midnight," he said.
Misbahi said any Islamic scholar who comes under pressure due to public or any other forces, is completely away from the Islam.
"The announcement related to Ramdhan should be based on Moon Sighting witnesses and not on the basis of some pressures," he said, adding that they will observe Shabi-e-Qadr on April 18.
Imam Jamia Masjid Razaye Mustafa MandI said they will not tolerate any other country's decision on the people of India.
"We will accept the teaching of Quran and Hadith, not imposed decisions of neighboring country," he said adding that they will observe Shabi-e-Qadr on April 18.
On March 28, Kashmir’s prominent Islamic scholars, including the Grand mufti Nasir-ul-Islam, decided to announce future decisions of moon sightings after mutual consultations following the recent confusion over the beginning of Ramadan triggered by contradictory reports over sighting of crescent.     
The amalgam of scholars or Ulema sided with the decision of the majority of Muslims, who started fasting from Thursday, disregarding the grand mufti’s announcement to fast from Friday.
The Ulema decided to go for next month’s moon sighting and Eid announcement on April 20 instead of 21 (for those who started fasting from Friday).
“We have made some decisions. Shab-e-Qadr (special night for prayers) will be observed on April 17 and moon sighting will be done on April 20,” the grand mufti said.
The confusion started when the grand mufti on Wednesday evening said he received no evidence of sighting of moon from any part of J&K and urged Muslims to start fasting from Friday.
The  moon sight committee of the Jamia Masjid, Delhi, had also announced that they did not see the crescent anywhere. However, a few hours later, around 10.40pm, Central Ruet Hilal Committee Pakistan (crescent-sighting committee) announced sighting of the moon and said Ramadan will start from Thursday (April 22), prompting the majority in J&K to start fasting.
The grand mufti said if the moon was sighted on April 20, those who started fasting from Friday will have to observe a complimentary (Qaza) day fast after Eid.
He said that the Ulema have decided to keep moon sighting decisions a mutual affair. “To strengthen the moon sighting process, consultations will be made with religious bodies,” he said.
Due to the confusion, Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board was also mulling to establish UT’s own crescent sighting committee.
DarakshanAndrabi, chairperson of the Waqf Board, said that people are insisting for UT’s own committee and control room.
 “We should have a committee with the latest technology. We should also have a control room through which we can ourselves observe and decide when we should celebrate Eid or observe Ramadan,” she said.

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