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Wildlife deptt orders killing of ‘man-eater’ leopard in Uri

Post by Jahangir Sofi on Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Srinagar, Sep 24: Following a series of wild animal attacks in north Kashmir’s Uri area, Wildlife Department on Saturday ordered killing of “man-eater” leopard.
In an order issued by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Chief Wildlife Warden, it said that in the exercise of the powers vested under Sub-section (6) of section 11 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 sanction is hereby accorded in favour of Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore to hunt or cause the said animal to be hunted forthwith after completing the required formalities.

As per the order, Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore reported that on 16-09-2022 at 7.00 PM, a girl child namely Munzia Beigh D/o Beigh R/o Jabadar Lachipora Boniyar (Uri) was lifted and killed by a leopard. The body of the deceased child was retrieved by the wildlife staff and the locals from a nearby forest area.
“Whereas, Wildlife Warden, North has also reported that trapping cages were installed in the area and teams were kept there to monitor the movement of leopard for its chemical or physical immobilization for rescue but the same could not succeed., adding that, “whereas, the Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore further reported that on 22-09-2022 at about 7.30 PM another child namely Ali Hussain S/0 Abbas Hussain R/O Dani Cholan Boniyar (Uri) was lifted and killed by the leopard and subsequently his body was retrieved from the nearby forest area.
The order states that the Wildlife Warden North has reported in his report that the distance between the two incidents sites is only about 05 Kms and the leopard in the area has become habitual of child lifting.
“Whereas, as per the report, there is every apprehension that the problematic animal may cause further loss of life in the area and accordingly the said Wildlife Warden has sought the necessary killing permission to eliminate the leopard turned child lifter/man-eater under the provisions of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, adding it states, “ Whereas, the Regional Wildlife Warden, Kashmir vide letter No: RWLW/K/Tech/2022-23/1117 dated 24-09-2022 has also recommended for issuing the killing permission in view of the circumstances reported by the Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore”.
While issuing the permission for hunting down the man-eater leopard the order has stated a series of conditions which state that it shall be ensured that all efforts to capture the animal through trapping by cages or tranquilizing have not been successful.
“That proper identification of the leopard be ensured before it is hunted ensuring that no animal is hunted on account of mistaken identity. That it should be also ensured that this permission is not misused by any organization/ individual to avail the opportunity for hunting any other leopard in the area under the garb of this permission. That the possession of the dead body, if and when hunted, shall be taken over by him. That the postmortem of the dead body of the animal as and when taken over shall be conducted in presence of the Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore and the same submitted to this office for reference and record”, states the order.
It further states that the dead body of the animal shall be disposed of by completely burning it to ashes in presence of the Wildlife Warden, North Division, Sopore, adding it says that this permission is valid for 15 days only from the date of its issuance.

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