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Why works under Smart City Project are executed in winter only?
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Why works under Smart City Project are executed in winter only?

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Srinagar, Jan 23: The people in Srinagar city have expressed concern over the execution of works under smart city projects, saying the work is carried during winters only. However, the officials said the works are carried throughout the year.
People from different parts of the city told Rising Kashmir that the department has started working on many projects falling under Smart City in the winter, which has turned the whole city into a mess.
At many vital points, the roads are dredged and construction material is put on the roads, which hampers the people's movement, and instead of starting work at so many places, they should only start another development work after the completion of the first one. But one fails to understand why the department is carrying out work on so many projects at once, said a shopkeeper at Residency Road.
He said, "In summers, one hardly sees the work on these projects going on, but when winter enters, the work going on these projects can be spotted easily. Most of the development works stop in winter in Kashmir, but it is the smart city work that only starts functioning in winters."
Athar Amir Khan, CEO of Smart City Srinagar, told Rising Kashmir that the work does not begin in the winter. “We work round the year to complete these projects on time.”
The CEO went on to say that these are big projects, some of which will take more than a year, and they are working tirelessly to execute them before the deadline.
To complete these projects before the deadline, the department was also directed to work in double shifts to complete these works in Srinagar.
The official stated that as many as 39 projects have been completed under the smart city project so far, and work on the remaining 34 projects is in full swing. However, the people on the other side criticise this project and say that these developments only exist in documents.

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