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What makes Manzoor Laway an outstanding teacher in Kulgam?
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What makes Manzoor Laway an outstanding teacher in Kulgam?

Post by Younus Rashid on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Manzoor Laway, a government teacher from the Kulgam district in south Kashmir, inspired many people in the district and elsewhere for his services. From being a covid worrier to a tourism promoter to an excellent teacher, his name and the school where he teaches remains outstanding.
A teacher we all believe in is a nation builder, and in addition to teaching students, Lawaygoesan extra mile in the service of humanity through his multifaceted activities.
In addition to educating students, Lawayis also a positive promoter of tourism in Kulgam. He posts on social media beautiful videos and pictures of uncharted places after going on holidays to different places. He also takes his students to various quirky places and gives them an understanding of the natural environment.
Laway, is posted at the government elementary school, Galwanpora, Damhal Hanjipora where around 80 students are enrolled for the current academic year.
“My profession is my passion, and I will make sure I do justice with it and the responsibility to deal with the students here has to be accomplished with kindness,” he says.
He has been working tirelessly for the welfare of students. Many parents in the region find the school, where Laway is teaching, to be the best school for enrolling their children.
“I am on a Smart Mission. I have 80 rural students who have no access to a computer. I will provide them with an online learning environment and teach them basic computer skills," he said.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Laway did not visit his family for 6 months as he was visiting hospitals and quarantine facilities with meals for Covid patients. In addition, he installed a public speaker on his personal car to announce the advisories and advise residents to stay indoors in the red zones. Laway celebrated Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha at Quarantine centers.
Seeing his dedication, Lieutenant Governor(LG) Monaj Sinha praised his efforts in a program Awaam Ki Awaaz. “Laway was reaching out to people at quarantine centres during COVID-19 Ramadan with pre-dawn meals and Iftari. And after Eid, he carried on his social work in hospitals,”LG said, adding, "unke is jajbe ko main salaam karata hoon (I salute his spirit).”
In addition to his duties, Laway is also working on promoting tourism in Kulgam.He uses his social media to attract the attention of users about various spots in Kulgam. The social media campaign is a win-win for him and for tourism promotion as he receives positive feedback on it.

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