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Waqf school heads asked to submit proposal for unutilized funds within 3 days
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Waqf school heads asked to submit proposal for unutilized funds within 3 days

Directed to conduct a mass enrollment drive

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Srinagar, Mar 19: The Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board directed all the Waqf Schools to submit a proposal or expenditure of unutilized funds within three days positively.

According to an order issued by the Waqf Board on the directions of Chairperson, Dr. Darakshan Andrabi, "It has come to the notice of Chairperson, J&K Waqf Board, that local funds in most of the Waqf schools have remained unutilized over the years, because of indecision and lack of will to improve infrastructural facilities for the students and the matter has been viewed with great concern,” it said.

The order further reads that accordingly, all the School Heads are hereby directed to submit a plan proposal for the expenditure of these funds to improve the infrastructural facilities and augment classrooms with Teacher Learning Material (TLM), within three days positively, so that same shall be put up for consideration & approval of the competent authorities.

In another circular, &K Waqf Board is providing quality education through its schools spread across the Kashmir Valley as per a nominal fee structure. 

“However, it has been observed that the enrollment in Waqf Schools has been on the decline over the past several years which is a matter of great concern and needs to be immediately addressed as per instructions of the Chairperson J&K Waqf Board,” it said.

Accordingly, all the School Heads are directed to conduct a mass enrollment Drive on 22-03-2023(Wednesday) in the vicinity and in Catchment areas, with the participation of School Heads, Staff Members and Students of the School in proper uniform, who shall carry banners with the slogan of Waqf Schools, viz, "We believe in innovative methodologies and quality education" apart from other catchy messages.

 The School Heads shall also note to share the glimpses of the enrollment drive in the official Whatsapp group "J&K Waqf Board'. 

“Further, Incharge Education Waqf shall immediately frame a list of activities to be performed by all schools for enhancement of enrollment, and also devise a format for monitoring of daily activities/progress achieved in this regard,” reads the circular.


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