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The mimicry guy bringing smile on peoples' faces
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The mimicry guy bringing smile on peoples' faces

Post by Umar Raina on Sunday, January 1, 2023

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Ganderbal: A mimicry artist from Kangan village in central Kashmir's Ganderbal region is gaining popularity on social media for his impressive mimicking and humorous flair. 
Imran Ahmad Wani, who was born in the small town of Prang Kangan, is garnering a lot of reputation on social media, as well as among friends and family, for his prank calls and imitation. 
Imran Ahmad Wani told Rising Kashmir that he dropped out of school after finishing his class 12th. He then began his own business. 
"I've always enjoyed making my friends and family laugh since I was a youngster. Although I had no notion that I would one day become an internet star. Imran expresses his desire to see everyone happy. "I feel that laughter is the best medicine." Imran.
"I built my own YouTube channel and also created pages on both Facebook and Instagram titled "Kashmiri Meantass" nine months ago, and in the meanwhile I started sending prank calls to individuals," he stated. Later, I shared these reels on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and they quickly became viral. "I currently have 60k subscribers on YouTube, 90k followers on Facebook, and 10k followers on Instagram," he explained. 
" Earlier when I started imitation my family was not supporting me but after two-three months when my videos became popular on Social Media platforms , they showed their support and I proceeded with my love for impersonation. I'm getting requests to perform imitation from all around Kashmir, and I'm getting a lot of chances to show off my abilities. At present I can imitate in 14 different voices," Wani told Rising Kashmir.
He said, "I am really humbled by the love and compassion that people are spending on me," Wani remarked.
"I received a positive response from across Kashmir. I hope they enjoy my videos. I suggest they work for the community and spread love. Some think  I was behaving childish  and whatever did made no sense. Some people are always there to criticise."I don't care about that," he added.


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