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Sranz waterfall:The Unexplored Leisure Wonderland
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Sranz waterfall:The Unexplored Leisure Wonderland

Post by M Peerzada on Sunday, May 14, 2023

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 Kashmir has many well-known scenic spots, yet there are several unexplored tourist destinations that crave for government attention and one such unexplored place is Sranz waterfall in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

The waterfall located only 5 km from the well-known Babareshi Shrine, is a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by lush green forests, open meadows, landscapes and mountains.

It remains unexplored despite its potential to attract national and international tourists because of its scenic beauty.

Situated in the lap of a mountain, besides its scenic beauty, Sranz has its origin from Affarwat Mountain and Alpather Lake in Gulmarg has potential to produce hydroelectricity. It flows down the valley via a Nallah (canal) known as Nallah Ningli.

Bilal Ahmad, who resides near the waterfall, said Sranz is no less than the famed Aharbal of South Kashmir. He said the Nallah Ningli is the main source of the water for the agricultural activities of the area.

The Nallah also serves as a source of drinking water for hundreds of villages and towns including Sopore and Sonawari, for which dozens of water supply schemes have been set up on its banks,” he said.

The entire population of Kandi Baramulla depends on it, as it serves as a great source of livelihood for many. Locals of the area drag sand, bajri and stones from it to sell and for their domestic use. Thus Nallah Ningli has a great economic value,” the resident said.

Locals of the area are angry against the government for failing to develop the green spot, which they say has the potential to generate employment for local youth. They said its development will boost economy of the area.

This pretty water stream passes through many picturesque villages including Danmoo, Saterseeran, Nagbal, Baldaji, Kalantara, Wagoora etc. and the stream continues down into the valley below and joins the river Jhelum near Sopore.

The local residents said the waterfall has remained a spot of attraction for the tourists visiting Tangmarg and Gulmarg tourist spots but that is very rare.

However, due to lack of basic facilities in the area they (tourists) face inconveniences and move back. The roads connecting Sranz to the district headquarters need parapet walls at several places,” said Ghulam Hassan, a resident.

He said if the area around the waterfall is developed, it will grab the attention of local, national and international tourists. “Besides, it will also provide employment opportunities for unemployed youth of the area.”

The months of April through October are the best for visiting Shrunz Waterfall. During this season, April or September would likely be the best times to visit.

Over the years, although the number of local visitors has increased but there is a need to create basic infrastructure to attract more people. Otherwise, this is a natural wonderland and this is a mini heaven here,” the resident said.

Although the government has placed some signages at some places leading to the scenic place but people say that is not enough to promote and develop this unexplored detonation.

Assistant Director Tourism Gulmarg, Javeed-Ur-Rehman said that the department has not yet taken any measure for Sranz waterfall.

I summer the tourists who visit Gulmarg also go to Sranz but not at that level. But still, people go there, especially locals. Few years back the Tourism Department had constructed a hut but there not staying facilities for stay of tourists,” he said.

Locals come there for day trip that too seasonally and nobody goes there in winter. This is a place but it is not a mega destination,” the AD Tourism said.

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