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Shamshada Begum’s boutique empowers women independence
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Shamshada Begum’s boutique empowers women independence

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Women are no longer dependent on men for their livelihoods, thanks to various state and central government schemes.

One woman who has become a shining example of this newfound independence is Shamshada Begum, a resident of Pattan who has trained over 300 girls at her Umeed-backed boutique.

Shamshada has done her graduation and joined the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM)-launched scheme Umeed in 2018. Although she didn't initially understand the benefits of the program, she eventually started a small unit of her boutique in Pattan's Hyderbeigh area.

"Despite having limited knowledge of cutting and business, I received support from my family. I even went to Delhi to learn more about fashion design with the help of the Umeed scheme," Shamshada said.

Shamshada Begum told Rising Kashmir that upon her return from Delhi, she immediately began working at her boutique.

"With my dedication and hard work, I not only succeeded in establishing a market for my business but was also able to train at least 300 girls at my unit," she added.

Since opening her boutique in April 2018, Shamshada has not only made a name for herself in the market, but she has also trained hundreds of girls at her unit.

Her boutique has grown from two machines to eight, completely changing her life for the better.

"I am so excited to share that among those trained girls, most have started their own units and are able to survive in much better ways," Shamshada said.

She encourages women to come forward and not be afraid of pursuing their dreams, regardless of their gender.

"Life is too short and wasting time is not a viable solution. Woman should come forward and pursue their passion," she added.

Shamshada's success story is not only inspiring but also highlights the impact that government schemes can have on the lives of women in Jammu and Kashmir.

With her boutique, she is empowering other women to become successful entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence.

In a message to women Shamshada said that women should not lose hope for not getting a government job, instead they should pursue the passion and work hard towards the goals.

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