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Security situation in J&K passing through critical period: AAP

Post by Rising Kashmir on Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 13: Security situation of Jammu and Kashmir is passing through a critical period with dire need for the Government of India to introspect it and to remove all those heads who are not meeting expectations of keeping Jammu and Kashmir secure that even include people within Lieutenant Governor administration.
According to a statement, addressing a press conference in Jammu on Saturday, AAP leader TS Tony expressed strong concern over prevailing security situation in Jammu and Kashmir keeping in view recent killings of people from outside Jammu and Kashmir and some recent incidents of targets on security forces including fidayeen attack attempted by terrorists in Rajouri.
"The situation is getting worrisome and things are not going normal as claimed by the government for making publicity on a national level," Tony said, adding that on one hand BJP Government claims of complete normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir and on other hand outside poor labours, security force personnel are being targeted with incident of killing of a laborer in Kashmir, attack on policemen in Bijbehara and attempted attack on army camp at Pargal in Darhal area of Rajouri.
Although government is not accepting it but the ground situation is of this nature that Government employees posted in different areas of Kashmir valley under special package of prime minister are on strike in Jammu from three months and not going on duties as they fear safety of theirs and are demanding safe and secure environment but, unfortunately, Government has gone deaf towards this plight of masses.
"As things are not good on J&Ks security ground, Government of India should immediately intervene and hold meetings to review security situation and also roll down some heads who are failing to meet upto the expectations and we openly state that LG administration of Jammu and Kashmir backed by BJP is unable to keep things in proper control," Tony said.
AAP condoles loss suffered in the terror attacks in recent days and further state that these recent attacks have taken place when security apparatus in Jammu and Kashmir is already on high alert ahead of Independence Day and callous approach of Government on this can be gauged from the fact that only one advisor is working with LG of Jammu and Kashmir and all other advisors have been removed from time to time.
In a similar press conference held in Kashmir, Dr.Nawab from Kashmir, said that situation on security ground in Kashmir claimed by BJP and its government is far from reality with situation in Kashmir is still in a state of panic and terror attacks are taking place.
"Government made huge publicity for holding three tier elections in Jammu and Kashmir but ground realities are of this nature that many elected Sarpanches, Panches, BDC chairmen, DDC members are unable to go in the areas and are living a life of a hostage in rooms under government security cover,” he said.
He further said that present BJP government should once again think over its security policy in Kashmir to improve the things which are not upto mark and this can easily be established by government documents produced in parliament regarding number of terror incidents and other Kashmir.
D2D campaign in JK
AAP claims to connect with 8000 people in three days
 Jammu, Aug 13: The door to door (D2D) campaign launched by AamAadmi Party (AAP) in Jammu and Kashmir for direct contact with common masses has received tremendous public support and response with party volunteers connected with 8000 people in just three days, a statement from the party said.
AAP said that the door to door campaign is aimed to establish direct contact with people and to discuss their grievances.
Furthermore, the campaign aims to put forth pro people policies of AAP and mission of ArvindKejriwal to put Jammu and Kashmir in a developmental real basis and to ensure that people of Jammu and Kashmir get developed on ground rather than on papers of Government only.
AAP volunteers in the first three days of this campaign have directly contacted 8000 people distributing party pamphlets, banners and other material among them.
The people have further been informed that ArvindKejriwal aims to give youth of Jammu and Kashmir recruitment avenues like the party has done in Delhi and also to replicate the Delhi model of development and to give world class government schools, hospitals and other advanced facilities.
The support extended by people in the first three days is tremendous and everyone there in society is looking at AAP as the only political option which can rescue people of Jammu and Kashmir from a state of uncertainty to which BJP has pushed them into.

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