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Rahul Gandhi victim of dirty politics: Harsh Dev
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Rahul Gandhi victim of dirty politics: Harsh Dev

Post by RK News on Monday, March 27, 2023

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Udhampur, March 26: Former Minister and senior NPP leader Harsh Dev Singh on Sunday said that the collective efforts were required to be made to provide an alternative to the present dictatorial regime of BJP.
Emphasizing the need for unity amongst the various political parties to ensure revival of democracy and rule of law in the country, Singh said the BJP government would continue to harass, humiliate and persecute its rivals and to deprive them of their basic democratic and constitutional rights until and unless the opposition leaders join hands against its authoritarian and despotic rule.
He said that disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from parliament membership was the cruelest joke in the constitutional history of the country which would be remembered as one of the darkest chapters in democratic jurisprudence the world over.
The NPP leader said the congress leader was the victim of dirty politics of present rulers who needed to be opposed, exposed and finally deposed.
“BJP is hell bent on demolishing the opposition. It wants to establish a one party system. It’s breaking opposition parties through money and muscle power. It was further resorting to coercion, threats, intimidation and persecution to bully the opposition leaders and eventually make them fall in line,” he added.
He alleged that the opposition leaders are either dubbed as anti-nationals or intimidated and harassed through govt agencies including ED, NIA and CBI.
Singh said that gradual slide of democracy into dictatorship was more clearly discernible in J&K as well. “Not only was J&K robbed of its statehood status and deprived of a legitimate elected govt but people were being subjected to the most unpopular rule of outside bureaucrats who hardly have any knowledge of J&K and its peculiar problems”.

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