Rahat Ambulance Trust adds two more ambulances to Aid Needy Patients
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Rahat Ambulance Trust adds two more ambulances to Aid Needy Patients

Post by RK Online Desk on Saturday, December 9, 2023

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In a commendable initiative to enhance healthcare accessibility for the underprivileged, Srinagar based Rahat Ambulance Trust, on Saturday inaugurated the addition of two ambulances.

 The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of BJP Leader Ashok Bhat, who acknowledged the noble cause led by the trust.

Shabir Ahmad, Chairman of Rahat Ambulance, shared the inspiration behind the establishment of the trust. He recounted a personal experience when his mother fell ill, requiring frequent hospital visits.

 Realizing the discomfort faced by his mother in regular vehicles, Shabir made the decision to purchase an ambulance. Witnessing the enhanced comfort provided by the ambulance, he was motivated to establish Rahat Ambulance Trust, aiming to assist impoverished and needy patients.

Initially operating with a single ambulance, the trust has progressively expanded its fleet, and with the recent addition of two more ambulances, it stands committed to serving the community, shabir said.

 Shabir expressed gratitude for the support received and emphasized the trust's dedication to alleviate the suffering of those in need.

Chief Guest Ashok Bhat, BJP Leader, applauded the trust's efforts and deemed it a noble cause for humanity. 

He urged the continuation of such initiatives to ensure that those facing financial constraints receive timely and efficient healthcare services.

Rahat Ambulance Trust has positioned itself as a vital contributor to the welfare of the community and has exemplified the spirit of philanthropy and compassion, Ashok added.

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