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Qazigund shuts against opening of wine shop
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Qazigund shuts against opening of wine shop

Post by Younus Rashid on Monday, May 29, 2023

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The opening of a wine shop in Qazigund, the gateway town of Kashmir, triggered a widespread protest and prompted a complete shutdown in the main market on Monday.

The town residents expressed their disappointment over the establishment of the wine shop, asserting that it goes against the authorities' ongoing "War against drugs" campaign.

The move has sparked concerns about the potential impact on the community and the effectiveness of the anti-drug initiatives in the region.

Protesters said that the wine shop will increase drug abuse and social evils in the area and demanded its immediate closure.

“The liquor shop will put the life of youngsters in the drug trap and may take them astray. Authorities should reconsider the opening of a liquor shop here,” he said.

Men and women staged a strong peaceful protest and appealed jointly to the administration for its earliest closure.






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