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Poultry farmers should follow proper vaccination in winters to avoid diseases: Dr Azmat Khan
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Poultry farmers should follow proper vaccination in winters to avoid diseases: Dr Azmat Khan

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Thursday, December 29, 2022

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Srinagar, Dec 28: A SKUAST-K expert on Wednesday suggested that poultry farmers to follow a proper vaccination schedule in winter months in order to avoid diseases that affect the poultry.   
Dr Azmat Alam Khan, Professor of Poultry Sciences, SKUAST-K said vaccination is very essential for poultry and it should be followed religious, especially in winter.
“There are different types of diseases like bacterial and viral diseases. Vaccinations are done against the viral diseases as there are no medicines for the viral diseases,” he said.   
He said for broiler, proper vaccination schedules should be followed and time is very important and farmers need to be vigilant as they do not know when diseases affect poultry.
Khan said broilers are susceptible to many diseases like rani khait, Infectious bronchitis (IB) (an acute, highly contagious), infectious bursal disease and poultry owners need to be careful and do the necessary vaccinations as the diseases spread quickly.
“If these diseases affect the poultry they may affect and cause losses. There is no way out and vaccines have to be done,” he said.
He suggested rani khet disease vaccine, infectious bronchitis vaccine and infectious bursal disease vaccine are recommended for the farmers.
The Professor of Poultry Sciences also said that broilers should be feed with high nutritious and clean food.
He said due to onset of winter, the environmental temperature has decreased, therefore due care is required with respect to the maintenance of brooding temperature inside the sheds.
“The ventilation must not be compromised at the cost of maintaining brooding temperature as it can lead to accumulation of ammonia gas in the sheds, wet litter and ascites in birds,” he said.
The expert said that the quality of litter should be given due consideration. “Litter needs to be raked, renewed and replenished regularly. Adhere strictly to the vaccination schedule,” he said.
Regarding backyard poultry experts also suggested that due to fall in temperature, birds must be provided with a shelter having proper bedding material like sawdust, wood shavings, chopped straw, dried leaves etc. adding deworming of birds should also be done periodically.
Across Kashmir valley, commercial broiler farming is practiced by poultry farmers on a large scale and many people are associated with broiler farming.

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