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Police refute reports of kidnapping of minor children by non-locals in Ganderbal

Post by RK Online Desk on Friday, September 16, 2022

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Jammu and Kashmir police on Friday refuted the reports of kidnapping of a minor child by some unknown non-locals in Yanihama locality of Lar in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district. 


A police spokesperson said, " some media groups have circulated news on social media platforms that some unknown non locals tried to kidnap minor children at Yanihuma, however, the matter got verified on ground."


The spokesman said that statements of house owner and other eye witnesses have been recorded which confirms that they were not involved in any criminal act. 


“They also stated that they were begging in the area and neither they tried to kidnap any minor children nor they indulged in any theft attempt,” he said. 


It added that social media platforms circulated this video without verifying the facts from local Police.


“All Social Media platforms are directed not to circulate this fake news on social media. Whosoever shall be involved in circulating such fake and baseless news shall be held under relevant sections of law. Moreover, rumour mongers will be dealt strictly under law,” he said.

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