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 No fake promises, Apni Party pursues attainable goals: Ghulam Hassan Mir
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 No fake promises, Apni Party pursues attainable goals: Ghulam Hassan Mir

Post by RK News on Friday, January 6, 2023

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Srinagar, Jan 5: Apni Party’s Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir on Thursday said that the traditional political parties must be held responsible for causing deaths and destruction in J&K through their deceptive politics over the years.
          He was addressing the party’s public rally in north Kashmir’s Wailoo Tangmarg on Thursday.
          According to a statement issued by the party, Mir while taking a dig at the traditional political parties said that “the deceptive politics by these parties have ruined the lives of people in Jammu and Kashmir and caused huge losses in terms of  deaths and destruction here, over the period of past more the seven decades.”
          He said even in the recent past, these traditional political parties, for their electoral gains, have deceived people by making fake promises. “In the parliamentary elections, they allured people and asked for their votes promising that they would protect Article 370 and defend it in the parliament. After this article was abrogated on August 5, 2019, they shamelessly came to the people in the DDC elections promising they will get the abrogated Article back,” he said. “Now, they again are readying to mislead the people in the forthcoming assembly elections.  They will come to you again and make tall talks. But, let me inform you no regional political party has the powers or potential to make New Delhi undo the occurrences of August 5, 2019.”
Cautioning people about the deceptive politics of the conventional parties, Mir advised them not to fall prey to the fake promises of these parties in the future.
          He said, “It is your responsibility not to fall prey to their misleading politics anymore. You should not forget that from the promises of the plebiscite to autonomy, to joint control, and to self-rule slogans, these parties have been befooling you. Their only goal is to attain power and remain in power as long as they can.”
          Party’s General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir, while addressing the rally reiterated Apni Party’s agenda and policies. He said, “Unlike the traditional political parties, Apni Party does not believe in telling lies and making fake promises to the people. We are pursuing attainable goals and we promise you only what we know is achievable. Our goals are to work for peace, prosperity, and development of Jammu and Kashmir and political and economic empowerment of its people.”
          Rafi Ahmad Mir further said, “We want to protect the future of our youth. We will do everything to ensure better opportunities and a promising future for our youngsters. J&K people have already suffered hugely due to the emotional politics and deceptive slogans. They cannot afford to risk the future of the new generation by continuing to pursue negative politics, which has landed thousands of our youth either in jails or in the graveyards during the past more than three decades.”

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