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Nepotism Mars Merit
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Nepotism Mars Merit

We all must strive hard to eradicate nepotism from our societies, organizations and institutions

Post by MUSHTAQ HURRA on Thursday, February 23, 2023

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The word corruption is so frequently being talked about in our part of the globe that it has almost become a permanent element of our native parlance. We are leading the list of the most corrupt territories of our country. Had our conscienceless and unscrupulous ambassadors of corruption any possible access to constitutional amendments, they would have legitimized and legalized it earlier. A big bunch of crooked officers and some lower-rung officials have brought the bad name to the entire community, and have sunk our collective boat. Though commoners weigh everyone in the same balance, but, thankfully, we have many God fearing and honest officers at the helm of affairs, who work tirelessly to minimize the woes of commoners.


Our country stands liberated from the yoke of colonial slavery, but different types of corruptions have bondaged us so terribly that we are yet to emancipate ourselves from the servitude. The ugly bars and shackles of Corruption are yet to broken out. Corruption is not only a single word but a composite term, encompassing different vices, flaws, frauds and faults which aggravate the miseries and agonies of commoners. Prevalence of dishonesty, deceit, bribery, lechery, and nepotism is very rife in our society. Though bribery is thought be the worst form of the corruption, but other forms are equally abysmal and crummy.  Nepotism or favouritism apparently involves no money, perks or gifts, as is the case in bribery, but it is somewhat worse than bribery. It is unholy practice of granting undue favours and privileges to one's kith and kin, at the cost of others' rights. It is a tyranny within a democratic system.


Nepotism is not only the infamous and unfair way to allow your blue-eyed ones to take advantage of your power, position and status, but it is also the denial of space to meritorious and deserving people in any field of life. People enjoying power and position often resort to nepotism albeit a few. It is the most drastic and terrible injustice meted out to any human being on the planet earth. Allah (SWT) has admonished us not to discriminate between people on the basis of caste, creed, colour, relationship and position. Allah (SWT) has categorically set the criteria for winning HIS proximity and pleasure in the holy Quran. "Inna Akramakum Endallahi Atkakum." ( Al-Hujrat, Verse 13 ). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah (SWT) is the most righteous of you. So, there is no space for favouritism and nepotism in Islam.


Caliphate is a glorious example of neutrality and impartiality. After the heavenly departure of Syedna Abu Bakr Sideeq (RA), it was Syedna Umar (RA) who took the reigns as caliph. Even after the martyrdom of Syedna Umar (RA), it was Uthman (RA) and after that Maula Ali (RA) who became the rulers of the Islamic kingdom. Syedna Umar (RA) didn't nominate his son - Syedna Abdullah Bin Umar (RA), though he was capable to lead the state. These stalwarts of truth, courage, justice, temperance, humility, generosity and prudence glorified the idea of equality, impartiality and liberty.  Thus, there is no space for nepotism in a true welfare state, because it mars genuine aspirations, and silences political dissent.


Nepotism and favoritism not only deprives opportunities to deserving people but breeds injustice, inequality, exploitation and discrimination as well. Any kind of nepotic malpractices hollow and weaken the foundations of an organisation or an institution. I call it the murder of democratic values and ethos. It is not only the destruction of precious longings and dreams, but it is also the mockery of constitutional values and faiths. When a structure fails to deliver justice, it must either make way for a better system to replace it or the allegedly corrupt people must quit on moral grounds, because divesting someone off fundamental rights, is the biggest tragedy of a democratic institution.


Nepotism makes inefficient people to enjoy unjustifiable and unmerited privileges. Providing an unsuitable and an inordinate person, a position or chair, is almost the assassination of humanity. Nepotism weakens work culture in an organization and an institution. White-collared people neither possess requisite qualities to work nor do they have a sense of belongingness to own an institution. Nepotism gives us shirkers and indolents who aggravate our troubles and hardships. Such people often bunk their legitimate duties and responsibilities.  


A family flourishes and prospers till there is no element of nepotism in it. Breaches of disintegration become evident in its structure, once the head of the family begins to make discrimination among his progeny, siblings and other members. Families crumble, perish and deteriorate when merit and equality ceases to be the yardstick of measuring performances and granting privileges, perks and allowances. Same is the case with an institution, organization and a state. Authoritative and distinguished kingdoms of past have bitten the dust when the termite of nepotism began to hollow their foundations. Nepotism can't do any good to a private or a public institution except impeding its progress and development. We all must strive hard to eradicate nepotism from our societies, organizations and institutions.



(Author is a Teacher and a Columnist. He can be reached at mushtaqhurra143@gmail.com)

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