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Muzamil, a young innovator, seeks govt support to develop models that ‘serve society’

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Monday, November 28, 2022

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Baramulla, Nov 27: Mohammad Muzamil Kumar, a 9th-class student at Government High School, Harde Madam, Tangmarg in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, is known as a genius for his scientific temper. He is making models for which he has earned a reputation in the school.
Son of a private school peon, Muzamil said his first innovation was a model of a hydroelectricity power plant in which he used ice cream sticks, bottle caps, a plastic pipe and a motor. His model generated electricity to light a small bulb.
“Initially, I had no money to buy electronic items from the market. Then I started making Kangris (an earthen pot woven around with wicker and used for keeping a person warm) and earned a good amount. I used that money for purchasing electronic items,” Muzamil told Rising Kashmir.
"The innovation motivated me to invest my time in more projects and in a span of a few months, I came up with a model to generate hydrogen gas by mixing salt and water by passing an electric current through this composition," he added.
During this course, Muzamil received both moral and financial support from his teachers, especially the social studies teacher Ghulam Mohi ud Din Mir.
Mir recalls Muzamil as one of the brightest students with no avenues to develop amazing innovations. The teacher said that during Kala Utsav, a programme launched by the government, he found Muzamil a talented student who is “entirely different” from the rest of the students.
"It is my moral duty to assist such students who are doing things beyond one's imagination. I saw him making Kangris to earn a good living and after that, I came to know that he has several innovations to his name," Mir said.
The teacher then provided Muzamil with all the financial assistance to design new models and is financing his drone project.
To assist the elderly and specially-abled persons, Muzamil has designed a model of a remote control switch. "The innovative remote control switch will help elderly and specially-abled persons to switch on and off the electric bulbs without moving from one place to another. It is a simple mechanism and can prove beneficial for such people," he said.
Right now, Muzamil, who aspires to become a scientist, is working on a project in which he will design a wired drone and has got all supplies with financial assistance from the social studies teacher. “90 percent of material has been acquired for the drone and it will take me some days to complete the project. I thank Mohi ud din sir for financing the whole project," he said.
Muzamil has appealed to the district administration for financial assistance so that he can develop his innovations on a bigger scale and serve society.

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