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Mohammad Mutaib:Youngest Urdu poet from Anantnag
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Mohammad Mutaib:Youngest Urdu poet from Anantnag

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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Mohammad Mutaib was passionate about poems since his childhood and he started writing poetry when he was in 7th standard.
Hailing from Anantnag, 16 year old Mutaib is youngest Urdu poet and author from his district.
A self-taught poet,Mutaibsaid that he was interested in reading Urdu since childhood and was inspired by the poetry of Sir Muhammad Iqbal. “His poetry influenced me to write poetry in Urdu language,” he said.
He has also co-authored few books including ‘Rang-e-Ulfat’, ‘Connected Constellations’, ‘Diary of Beauty’ etc. His literary works have imprints from the philosophy of life and intimacy.
Mutaib has been recognized as the “Youngest Urdu Poet” by Maraaz Adbee Sangam (Recognized Author’s Association in South Kashmir).
His recently authored a book ‘Hysterical Devotion’ which was published by Wular Publishing House in April proved to be a bestseller for the publishing house.
Mutaib did his primary and secondary schooling from Radiant Public School. Currently, he studies in 11th standard.
Over the years he has received various awards for his academic and co-curricular excellence. He has also received the Indian Book of Records Award, MAS (Maraaz Adbee Sangam) Awardee and All India Best Writers Award 2022.
About his struggle to become a poet, he said during the Covid-19 lockdown when he had to attend online classes, he also joined YouTube classes on Urdu poetry.
“There was no one in my family who would guide or teach me poetry. I learned everything from my own,” he said adding he mostly remains busy with his poetry at home and wants to become a doctor in future.
He said Maraaz Adbee Sangam has played a pivotal role and attracted his attention towards it. He was also felicitated by the association when his book was launched.
“The contribution of Maraaz Adbee Sangam is immense for the promotion of Kashmiri and Urdu poetry,” he said.
At the Nucleus Institute of Excellence, where Mutaib is currently studies, he is also the editor of the institute's newly launched quarterly English magazine titled Eclipses.
“The teachers of the school have been very supportive towards my work and they always encourage me for poetry and other activities,” he said.
Mutaib said those students who are interested or who aspire to come in the field of poetry should come forward and take the guidance of their teachers.
He has also started his publishing house ‘RE Publication’ with the purpose to make it convenient for young writers and poets to publish their works on proper time.
“When I published my first book, the publishers took a lot of time despite paying them. This is the problem faced by every single poet. It motivated me to start my own publishing house,” he said.

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