Mehbooba Mufti has always pushed Kashmiri youth into distress for attention: Manzoor Bhat
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Mehbooba Mufti has always pushed Kashmiri youth into distress for attention: Manzoor Bhat

Post by RK Online Desk on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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BJP's Senior Leader, Manzoor Bhat, has strongly criticized former chief minister and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti for her recent tweet expressing concern about the criminalization of cheering for a winning team in Kashmir.

Referring to statements from the J&K Police, Bhat highlighted that the issue extends beyond mere expressions of support for Pakistan. He highlighted instances where certain individuals utilized slogans not just to convey their preferences but also to instill fear among those who disagreed or remained neutral. This, he stated, goes beyond the realm of supporting a sports team and transcends the boundaries of expressing opinions or exercising freedom of speech, as corroborated by written complaints.

Highlighting the firm stance of the current administration in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhat underscored that anti-India sloganeering and intimidation would not be tolerated. He said, "Our law enforcement agencies stand poised, ready to address those engaged in activities deemed inimical to our national interests. The resolute message is clear: such conduct shall face the unyielding scrutiny of our dedicated police force."

Bhat said that Section 13 which was invoked against 7 students specifically targets the incitement, advocacy, and encouragement of separatist ideology. Importantly, he highlighted that this section is not intended to address the planning, aiding, and execution of actual terror acts. Instead, it distinctly categorizes actions within its purview as unlawful. The actions of those individuals, now under this act, are characterized not as terror acts but as acts of inciting, advocating, and encouraging separatist ideology.

He expressed his views on the tactics employed by the former chief minister and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti, noting that in the face of considerable development, her pivot towards politics on sensitive issues appears as a calculated move to gain publicity. The BJP government's relentless efforts have transformed the landscape, creating an atmosphere conducive to constructive growth and development, which is deemed indigestible by her and she looks desperate for attention.

Manzoor Bhat has pointed out that in the current phase of Kashmir's trajectory, characterized by robust development initiatives, the absence of substantive topics for discussion is palpable. The persistent efforts of the BJP government have successfully shattered the backbone of militancy and dismantled anti-national elements, fostering an environment conducive to progress.

He advised Mehbooba Mufti to verify facts before engaging in discussions and encouraged her to channel her efforts toward her party's agenda rather than indulging in divisive politics on these sensitive issues.

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