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Kejriwal launches ‘Make India No 1’ yatra; pitches his vision to make India strongest

Post by Rising Kashmir on Thursday, September 8, 2022

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New Delhi/Haryana, Sep 07: AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal Wednesday launched the Make India No 1 Yatra. He pitched his vision to form an alliance of 130 crore Indians to make India the strongest and greatest nation of the world at the launch event.
The nationwide Make India No 1 Yatra was commenced from the AAP Convenor’s birthplace Hisar, Haryana.
A statement from the party said that ArvindKejriwal pumped fuel into the campaign through a Youth Town Hall today with Punjab CM SardarBhagwant Mann by his side. The Town Hall drew an unprecedented sea of youths to Hisar where they talked about their woes to both the AAP CMs.
A differentiating factor in AAP’s events today was the firmness of ArvindKejriwal, especially given how he explained the party’s stance on sensitive issues that plague Haryana and the whole country at large.
ArvindKejriwal said, “Youth will play a game-changing role in the Make India No 1 Yatra; whenever the youth unites their voice leads into waves of revolution. Youth volunteers should bring together the people of their mohallas, when 130 crore Indians unite and ask for schools-hospitals, no government would dare to say no. To Make India No 1, we all will have to ensure free and excellent education, healthcare, electricity and water besides employment for all. We will go to every state and bring people together; whoever wants to join our mission can give a missed call on 9510001000.”
Taking a jibe at the petty politics played in India, he said, “In the last 75 years these parties and their netas have only played petty politics; if we keep depending on them we won’t tread ahead for another 75 years. For the last 75 years our country didn’t prioritise education; we can’t wait for any longer; we have to now provide best-in-class education for free on a war footing. I have written to the PM and urged him to not just upgrade 14,500 schools but focus on the development of all 10 lac government schools; we must do this on priority within 5 years. There’s a dangerous trend of shutting down government schools in the country; the Haryana Government alone has shut 700 schools down. We shouldn’t be closing government schools but instead opening new ones; we have to transform the future of 18 crore government school students so they can make India No 1.”
At the same time, Punjab CM SardarBhagwant Mann said, “We all have to come together to Make India No 1. AAP will leave no stone unturned in this mission.”
He said, “I believe we made a mistake in 1947. Independent India should have prioritised education from the day we gained independence. We should have worked in mission mode or on a war footing to create good government schools in every city and village and provide free education to every child. However, it is sad that we did not do so at the time of independence, and that even after 75 years, we have not prioritised education. But India cannot afford to wait any longer. To ensure quality education, we must fight tooth and nail.”
The Delhi CM said, “Today, I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister. He declared on September 5th that the Central Government will modernise 14,500 schools around the country. It's a positive step, and we applaud them for it. However, the country has 10.5 lakh government schools. At this rate, it will take roughly a century to modernise all of the government schools. India can no longer wait. 130 crore Indians are eager. I have asked the Prime Minister to bring all state governments together so that we can overhaul all 10.5 lakh government schools during the next five years. We should devise a strategy to achieve this goal. We have already transformed all of the government schools in Delhi and can do so throughout the country. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary. We would be delighted to contribute to nation building. We transformed Delhi's government schools on a shoestring budget, and now the Mann Government in Punjab is doing the same. We need to revitalise all of the government schools in the country.”
AAP protests against Pakistan for CF violation on IB in Arnia
 AamAadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday held a protest demonstration against Pakistan for resorting to ceasefire violation on the International Border in Arnia sector of Jammu asking Government of India to take tough stand against Pakistan with clear warning of serious consequences if any such mischief is committed again.
A statement issued to the media, said that the protesters assembled in Arnia town near IB in Jammu district and raised slogans against Pakistan for attempts to disturb the peaceful situation.
"There is a ceasefire on IB and the situation is peaceful but Pakistan seems disturbed with this peace and calm situation." AAP volunteers said during this protest adding that Pak rangers on Tuesday morning resorted to firing on BSF which was unprovoked firing and a clear violation of ceasefire.
"Pak do not want peace to prevail as it is an old habit of Pakistan to disturb the situation," AamAadmi Party volunteers said. They said that the Border Security Force guarding country's border should leave no stone unturned in giving a befitting reply to Pakistan in case of any such mischief in future and Pak rangers should be taught a lesson for their attempt to disturb peace.

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