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J&K Govt leaving education sector on God's mercy: Nirmal Mahna
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J&K Govt leaving education sector on God's mercy: Nirmal Mahna

Post by RK News on Monday, January 23, 2023

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Jammu, Jan 22: Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday castigated Jammu and Kashmir Government for leaving education sector on God's mercy regarding issues of teachers of education department as well as employees posted in schools under Rehbr e Khel remaining unsolved since long.
In a statement issued to Rising Kashmir, Aam Aadmi Party's spokesperson Nirmal Mahna said that the education sector is the backbone of society and it is instrumental in shaping the future of society and the least priority given to this most important sector by the Government in Jammu and Kashmir is an unfortunate aspect.
"Education sector should be one of the top prioritised sectors in Government setup but things are contrary in Jammu and Kashmir where this important sector has been pushed to the wall darkening the education future of J&K." Nirmal Mahna said.
          Highlighting plight of Government teachers Nirmal Mahna said that teachers of school education department in Jammu and Kashmir are holding series of press conferences and meetings to highlight a number of their genuine issues that include a properly devised seniority mechanism, speedy promotion policy, fair transfer policy and filling vacant posts but no one in government gives any ear.
          "It seems as if the Government wants these teachers to hit the roads like a number of other employees." she said.
Mahna also gave a reference to the plight of employees under Rehbr e Khel and said that these employees recruited a couple of years ago are on protest at the capital city to highlight their demands.
"Unfortunately, like a number of other employees, no one in Government is listening to them and ReK employees are left with no second option than to sit on roads and raise their voices." she added.
AAP leader Nirmal Mahna while picking other loopholes in the education sector said that more than two third of government schools in Jammu and Kashmir are being run with shortage of  infrastructure and basic requirements like desks are also not available nor the institutions have proper arrangements for extreme weather conditions. 
She further said, " Improper pupil teachers ratio and use of teachers in extra work further makes things worse but the Government is following a mute spectator policy on all this leaving this important sector in a state of lurch."
She also asked the Government to put in place a proper mechanism to redress professional grievances of teachers especially related to their seniority, changes in seniority details.

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