Infusing life in Art, Beenish aims to have her own Art Studio 
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Infusing life in Art, Beenish aims to have her own Art Studio 

Post by Jahangir Sofi on Sunday, October 9, 2022

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Infusing life in the art, a multi-talented self-taught artist, Beenish from Srinagar has years of expertise in the production and development of art through the expression of emotions in diverse contexts.

“Since my school days I was much into the art of painting, but getting into the real side and live side of art took me some time.Most of my art is filled with real-life emotions as I try to explain life through the art,”said Beenish. 

Displaying her art at her home Beenish said that her life infusing art is not only confined to colour paintings but has acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, encaustic, and mural art as well.

Speaking about realistic art Beenish said that there is a huge range of different styles that are incorporated into art.Realism is a painting art style that aims to give the viewer a reflection of the real world. It's crucial to understand the difference between realism and photorealism, as the former is more concerned with creating a realistic scene than a true representation.

“On the other end of the spectrum is expressionism. Expressionism is a form of art that often distorts or paints scenes in vivid, otherworldly colours that don't correspond to reality because it isn't concerned with realism. Instead, the emphasis is on the artist's thoughts or emotions as they are expressed through the art form,” she said.

For Beenish the love for crafting the art never faded after her marriage and after becoming the mother of two kids.She says that although she could spend less time with the art, the ideation for crafting the artsaw a new life which she incorporated in her art.

“I have forgotten now how many paintings I have made so far, many I have gifted to my friends and relatives. some are preserved while most of my paintings got washed away in 2014 floods”, she said adding “my family has been supportive to me since the time I took painting brush in my hand.”

Now aiming to set up her own Art studio, Beenish says that she wants to excel more in the art and simultaneously wants to train those who want to learn the realistic art of expressing the life of both living and nonliving. 

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