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Incessant rains damage vital bridge in Langate
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Incessant rains damage vital bridge in Langate

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Friday, April 21, 2023

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Srinagar, Apr 20: Continuous rains in Kashmir have caused damage to the famous "Daand Kadal" bridge in the Langate area of north Kashmir's Kupwara district on Thursday.
According to locals, "The bridge over the Mawer Nallah was partially damaged due to the force of the floodwaters, dealing a major blow to the infrastructure of the area." Currently, Langate Bridge (Daand Kadal) is a key link connecting several villages in the area.
Soon after the incident, the administration halted vehicular movement on the bridge.
Authorities have urged residents to exercise caution and avoid crossing the Nallah until alternative arrangements can be made. The extent of the damage to the bridge is still to be assessed, and it is unclear when repairs will be completed.
This is the second bridge that has collapsed over the Nallah in the past three years. In March 2021, flash floods caused damage to the bridge at Batgund Mawer, and despite several years passing, the bridge is yet to be repaired, resulting in dozens of villages being disconnected from the tehsil headquarters.
The locals alleged ineffective measures to control illegal mining and dredging in the Nallah, which have led to severe damage to the bridge.
"The bridge was already in a precarious condition due to the dredging activities in the Nallah," said a local resident. "The authorities had ignored our repeated pleas to stop the illegal mining and dredging, which weakened the foundations of the bridge and made it vulnerable to damage."
Many locals stated that the collapse of the bridge has dealt a severe blow to the economy. The bridge was a lifeline for tens of thousands of people who depend on it for their daily needs. The closure of Daand Kadal would isolate several villages, forcing them to use circuitous routes to reach their destinations.
The locals have urged the administration to initiate immediate repairs as the absence of the bridge would affect the connectivity of the area, leading to economic losses and inconvenience to people.

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