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HKMC Educational Institute, Manigam: A village school that nurtures the innovative minds
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HKMC Educational Institute, Manigam: A village school that nurtures the innovative minds

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Few years ago, Muhammad Faizan, a 10th-class student of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (HKMC) Educational Institute in Manigam, Ganderbal, was passionate about innovations but he could not turn his ideas in to innovations owing to the lack of resources.
However, when the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) lab was established in his school, it gave him an opportunity to turn his ideas into innovative projects. He leads a group of students who are working on different innovative projects.
“We have made robotic eye for blind persons that beeps when a when she/he reaches some object. There are many projects on which we worked,” he said.
The 18-year-old student said the school has come as a great opportunity for the students who have ideas and they do it in the team with the help of the school teachers.
Faizan said that in the age of skilled education, skills enable people to get better jobs. 
Located in rural area, HKMC Educational Institute has enrollment of 400 students with 23 teachers and nearly 20 non-teaching staff. 
A year ago, the students of the school were surprised when government sanctioned the ATL to the school. 
Over the past several months, the students of the school have worked on different projects like Censor Controlled Robot, Automatic Irrigation Motor (which works on sensor), Smart House that includes automatic lighting system that works on bluetooth etc.
Last month, Union Minister of State for Education and External Affairs Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, as part of an outreach program, visited the school during which the students demonstrated their science projects to them. 
The school also has state-of-the-art Information and communication technology (ICT) lab which has played an important role in nurturing the students over the years and also attracted students of adjoining areas to join the institute.
The need for digitalization in educational institutions was felt when the Ciovid-19 pandemic hit the world and students suddenly turned to online learning.
To keep up with the technological interventions, the institute is working to digitize its functioning.
“As the world is moving towards digitization,we have taken this initiative in order to make the learning more interactive and also involve parents by use of technology,” said Ghulam Hassan Rather, Chairman,HKMC Educational Institute.
He said manual teaching-learning and school management has many drawbacks and the school has started this initiative to make digital technology a reality and to enable students to compete with other students.
“When there is digitization the students would be able to compete with the national and international students. And parents would also connect themselves live and it will make the school more accountable,” he said.
The chairman said further said that the aim of the school is not only to impart education but also to develop student into conscientious citizen, dedicated leaders and professional working diligently to make this nation best in the world.
“We are thankful to the teachers of this institution who always cooperate and contribute for the complete development of institution,” he said.
The school also provides best possible sports facilities. Over the years, many of its students have won Raj Puruskar, known as the Governor's Award, in scouting.
Some of its students have also qualified NEET examination in the recent years and are undergoing medical education in top medical colleges in Jammu and Kashmir.
The chairman said that the school will be the preeminent intellectual and creative center for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better-designed objects, communication, systems, and organizations to meet social needs.
The school was established in 2000 in rented premises. The school began with a total strength of 15 students which increased to 80 by 2001 and further over the years the roll improved a lot.
To overcome the space constraints, another building was hired to accommodate the increasing roll of students. 
The 22 years of HKMC Educational Institute have seen unmatched glory, passing through a stupendous journey towards success. Setting whole new standards of quality education, the school is now housed in a top notch building situated at Lar, Barso Road, in Manigam.
The new premise provides state-of-the-art amenities for refining the cognitive and motor skills of the students, along with making learning synonymous with fun.
The glorious achievements of the school speak volumes for its stupendous journey on the path to success. 

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