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Harmful effects of mobile phones on children
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Harmful effects of mobile phones on children

Though mobile phones are the effective mode of communication, it is a well-known fact that it also has adverse side effects if being overused

Post by MOHAMMAD HANIEF on Monday, May 15, 2023

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The most advanced and effective communication device in this century is the mobile phone. A mobile phone is not only being used by a corporate or highly qualified professional. People from all types of social groups have mobile phones in their hands now. The usage of the mobile phone is not increased only with all social groups but also with people of all age groups. Children are the more noticeable group as they are using cell phones of all types.

A recent research study shows that children are really capable of using an advanced type of mobile phones even without any proper guidance. Though mobile phones are the effective mode of communication, it is a well-known fact that it also has adverse side effects if being overused. Mobile phones emit shockwave radioactive radiation that affects the children body in various manners.

Today's children are growing up in a radio-frequency environment that never existed in human history before. The radiation emitted by mobile phones and mobile phone masts can have adverse effects on children.

Cell phones after a full day usage contain many germs on their display which are highly numbered than your toilet seats. These germs are easily transferred to your body as you touch frequently or use close to your face for talking. This increases the risk of exposure to the germs and reduces your immune strength as immune status is not fully developed for children. Prolonged use of mobile phones for playing games or texting requires continuous movement for your hands which may develop chronic pain in joints of your shoulders and hands.

While using small size mobile phone screen to read some text, article for long hours, the child put lots of pressure or strain on eyes and sometimes it starts to dry out and start headaches. Children when concentrating much on playing games on mobile phones they even fail to blink frequently with the increased interest and attraction towards the game. This causes the dryness of the conjunctiva and also increases the ocular tension.

The most detrimental aspect of mobile phone for children of this age are the deterioration of physical and mental condition. However, the use of mobile phone is important to stay ahead in today’s world because if we want to know any information from the internet we use mobile phone ,goggle various social media and they have become necessary for our daily life. And so children should refrain from using mobile phones.

Parents should not hand over the mobile phone to their child before a certain age. In addition, Children are affected by various diseases through the use of mobile phone and their mental thinking changes as they become addicted to various games. At one point they become so deeply addicted to mobile that they become disable without mobile. They don’t want to eat they don’t want to study they don’t want to communicate with others, becomes antisocial for using mobile phone. Also mentioned below are the problems they face.

Children all over the world use smartphones for various purposes. Some children are seen talking to their friends for long hours, while others spend their time playing countless games on the phone. The internet is an abode of knowledge for children. Though the utility of smartphones cannot be debated, continued use and exposure can have harmful effects on the child.


Studies suggest that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation; however, there is a need for more studies to prove the radiation could disturb brain activity. Since, mobile phones primarily function on electromagnetic waves for all forms of communication, even internal, and the brain has its own electric impulses wherein communication is carried out in the neural network, it could possibly affect the brain. However, as mentioned earlier, more research needs to be done to prove that radiation affects brain activity.

For now, what could possibly affect the brain is the content the child is exposed to and the screen time. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to control or limit screen time and ensure children have access to only certain programs, games, etc. that are suitable for their age. Limited cellphone time won’t affect the child’s learning or focus on other important things/activities, too, such as studies, hobbies, sports, etc.

Many children carry phones along with them to their schools. Chatting with friends or playing games during school breaks, or even in the class, is increasing day-by-day. This results in children failing to pay attention in the class, missing out on important lessons, and consequently, being clueless about studies and examinations.

Like any other gadget, the mobile phone is also a tool and can be used for wrong purposes. Kids could come across inappropriate messages, images, or texts shared by their friends or in the group, and further pass it on to others. They can find their way to pornography at an early age, changing their perceptions and thought process. Even exchanging images of their own, irresponsibly, can create a fiasco that impacts their lives for a long time.

With children glued to the mobile phone during their free time, they don’t partake in physical activity and get fresh air. This puts them at risk for obesity and other illnesses, which can later develop into harmful diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Taking the right measures to ensure mobile phone safety for kids is extremely important while they are growing up. As a general practice, avoid giving cell phones to children under the age of 16. You may stay in touch with the teachers and school staff to ensure your child’s safety and health if needed. Some parents may choose otherwise, and that is fine too, as long as the child has no or limited access to content that will take his focus off his studies.

If you are worried about the radiation, you may make your child wear a wired headset or limit his talk time when he talks on the phone, instead of holding it to the ear. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t enough evidence to prove cellphone radiation can cause tumours, but if it eases your anxiety, go for it.

Avoid constantly giving your child your mobile phone when he is in the middle of an activity as it will only distract him or lead to falls and injuries.As an adult, it is important for parents and other people in the house to restrict their use of phones when they are around children. This is not only for purposes of avoiding radiation, but to create a behaviour pattern as well.Keep your mobile phones safely with you and out of sight of your kids at night. Children may quietly try to get a hold of it, without you finding out.

As with every technology or tool out there, a mobile phone is a double-edged sword. The technological prowess of the smartphone is tremendous, and it is quite a learning tool for children as well. However, keeping things in moderation and restricting usage hours goes a long way in ensuring children’s well-being and inculcating good behavioral habits in them.


(The author is a regular columnist and can be mailed at m.hanief@gmail.com

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