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Grateful for showcasing Indian cinema at G20 Summit: Ram Charan 
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Grateful for showcasing Indian cinema at G20 Summit: Ram Charan 

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Thursday, May 25, 2023

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Srinagar, May 24: The Oscar winning south Indian renowned actor Ram Charan expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable chance to showcase the captivating essence of Indian cinema and its vibrant culture at the prestigious G20 Summit held in Kashmir. 
While attending the event, he took the opportunity to highlight the huge worldwide influence of Indian cinema, with a special emphasis on his most recent film, RRR.
In a tweet brimming with appreciation, Ram Charan articulated his sincere gratitude for being able to represent the richness of India's deeply-rooted culture and mysticism through the medium of film. He acknowledged the exceptional beauty of Indian cinema, which possesses a distinctive ability to impart valuable life lessons through relatable storytelling.
Taking microblogging site twitter, the Oscar winning star wrote, “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to showcase the richness of our rooted culture and mysticism through our films at the G20 Summit. Indian Cinema possesses a unique beauty in its ability to impart valuable life lessons through highly relatable content @kishanreddybjp Garu @manojsinha_ji @amitabhk87 ji  @g20org  #G20India."
Ram Charan's presence at the G20 Summit not only highlighted the ever-growing global recognition of Indian cinema but also served as a testament to the immense talent and creativity that the industry embodies. The event provided a platform for the world to witness the profound impact of Indian films and their ability to bridge cultural gaps, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among diverse audiences.
By showcasing the remarkable song "NaatuNaatu" from RRR, Ram Charan showcased the unparalleled richness of Indian music, dance, and artistic expression. The film's booming success and global appeal stand as a witness to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Indian film industry.
Ram Charan's appreciation represents the collective pride felt by the Indian cinema industry as their work continues to transcend boundaries and fascinate audiences around the world. It serves as a reminder of cinema's great capacity to bring people together, celebrate variety, and impart important life lessons. The opportunity to present Indian cinema at such a famous worldwide event not only boosts the business, but also adds to the wider story of cultural interchange and mutual appreciation .

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