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Govt takes steps to revive pottery industry in Jammu and Kashmir

Post by ANI on Saturday, September 24, 2022

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The Central and the Union Territory government of Jammu and Kashmir have taken various steps to revive the tradition of pottery, which was nearly ended in modern times due to the emergence of steel and metal vessels.

In this regard, Khadi India recently provided modern machinery to 350 potters associated with this industry in a grand ceremony in the historic town of Pampore, according to a report. The initiative has been received well by the potters of the region stating that it will give a new spark to their art. It would also give them a platform to make their dreams come true with the increase in their financial resources.

"It should be noted that the art of making pottery in the Kashmir Valley is centuries old and the gaf kraals of Tral are still associated with this work," said the report.

"Man learned to mould clay into different shapes by hand in his early days and since then, clay pots are being used for cooking. Food cooked in earthen pots has profound effects on our health and these two physicists still recommend earthenware for cooking because food cooked in earthenware is not only beneficial for health but also for soil. Food cooked in metal pots also tastes better than food cooked in metal pots," added the report.

The Centre's initiative has brought new hope to the people of this industry. They believe that the use of this machinery will increase the number of pots being made, thus fetching them more profit in a lesser period of time. (ANI)



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