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Ganderbal farmers suffer huge losses due to flood channel neglect
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Ganderbal farmers suffer huge losses due to flood channel neglect

Post by Umar Raina on Thursday, May 11, 2023

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Ganderbal, May 10: The farmers of Barsoo and its surrounding villages in Central Kashmir's Ganderbal district, including Larsun, are facing significant losses due to a flood channel that flows through their paddy fields. The locals have reported that the flood channel has been neglected and not adequately maintained by the concerned department, resulting in severe damage to their fields.
According to the farmers, thousands of hectares of agricultural land have been affected by the flood channel, which has breached at multiple locations. During the rainy season, the overflow from the channel ruins the standing crop, causing them to suffer significant economic losses.
The farmers have requested that anyone who has encroached upon the channel should be asked to vacate it. Despite notifying the concerned authorities of the issue in the past, nothing has been done so far, they said.
Abdul Rahman, a local farmer from Barsoo, expressed his frustration and stated that they depend on their land for their livelihood, but the flood channel has become a curse for them. Due to the negligence of the concerned department, they have suffered huge losses, and their appeals for help have fallen on deaf ears.
Mohammad Yousuf, another farmer, added that the government should take immediate action to repair the flood channel and prevent further damage to their crops. They cannot afford to lose their livelihoods every year.
The farmers are now urging the authorities to take immediate action to address the issue of the flood channel. As Abdul Rahman stated, they hope that the government will listen to their pleas and take the necessary steps to ensure the prosperity of their region and their people.

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