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 G20 Event in Srinagar: A water shed moment for Jammu and Kashmir
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 G20 Event in Srinagar: A water shed moment for Jammu and Kashmir

The Srinagar event of G20 shall be a pre cursor to the efforts of relaunching Kashmir as “paradise with positive shades”

Post by SHAHID SHABIR HUSSAIN MAKHDOOMI on Thursday, March 30, 2023

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With the theme ”Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning One Earth, One Family, One Future, drawn from the Sanskrit phrase of the Maha Upnishadas, India, as the  President of the G20nations for 2023,is all set to host the summit in New Delhi.  Structures have already been laid downandworked out strategies put in place, to accomplish the tasks and achieve the objectives as per the formulated agenda of the summit.


The main focus of G20 is to accelerate inclusive and resilient growth through sustainable goals. India has assumed the presidency of G20 at an important juncture of its history where it has pledged to move towards thegoal of becoming a futuristic and prosperous nation with the idea of inclusivity.


G20 presidency is a great opportunity for India to display its vision and showcase its leadership capabilities before the major, advanced and emerging economies of the world. India, simultaneously is demonstrating its commitments towards the establishment of a new order that’s aimed at bringing about the economic stability and sustainable growth. As a member nation it is promoting financial regulations that could preventfuture financial crisis and create a new architecture of international financing.From this very platformIndia can give voice to the issues of disarray in policy issues related to global economy. This is an opportunity for India to share its perspectives and opinions on key economic issues and participate in shaping global economic policies.


India has got an opportunity to enhance its influence and engage with the world’slargest economies for attracting investment for promoting its economic interests. G20 is the premier forum for establishing international cooperation between the member countries and shape the aspects of the international and financial agenda. The coordination between the members couldstand as a guarantee in the path ofthe achievement of the goals of economic stability and sustainable growth.


During its G20 presidency, India could showcase its vast cultural heritage moving beyond the ordinary introduction of international processes. This shall enable it to show to the world that unseen India is beautiful, dynamic and united.


India, as an important member of the body can help bridge the gap that exists between different nations on the issues of climate change, carbon emissions, renewable energy, intellectual property rights and trade &commerce.




India’s lead role as G20 host and head for this year summit shall be very important in finding sustainable solutions to the most important issues of escalating existential threats in the spheres of climate change and energy transitions, demanding greater financial and technological support.


An important milestone in the process of achieving the goals shall be to highlight the need for “data for development” that shall benefit the digital access to different processes in an inclusive manner leading to socio-economic growth and transformation. G20 summit in India shall have a positive impact on the global economy thereby benefitting India as well.


India’s concerns about the sustainable growth and inclusive development in the member nations shall recogniseits credibility and serve as an image booster as a trusted nation to engage with. This will result in expanding the opportunities of trade and investment here leading to improved economic growth.


G20 summit provides a platform for India to work with other countries in order to addressthe issues and challenges of common nature. This is expected to enhance global cooperation and help India to strengthen its relationships with other countries for building trust.


Now, coming to the idea of inclusivity and the possible outcomes of the G20 event to be held in Srinagar, it can be said with great confidence that the economy of the Jammu and Kashmir is likely to witness a new era of stability and sustainable development. The impediments stand removed and the road is clear for moving ahead.


Jammu Kashmir is surely to get its share from the ultimate benefit India is expected to get out of G20. Recognising the importance of the event the living standards of the people of Kashmir are expected to improve as a resultant outcome of the access to basic services like healthcare, education, energy transitions, infra building besides ushering a new chapter of economic activities for growth and development.


The diplomatic advantage for India as a consequence of holding the G20 event in Srinagar shall be bigger and will remove the misconceptions prevailing in the outer world about this region.


The leaders of some most influential countries of the world, who are the members of the G20, could serve the great purpose of boosting tourism and handicraft sectors in Kashmir; paving way for increased attention and investment in the region. The event definitely will showcase the mesmerising beauty, rich cultural heritage and unparalleled crafting skills of the artisans of Kashmir before the delegates and would attract more tourists and providebetter marketing facilities in the region.


The Srinagar event of G20 shall be a pre cursor to the efforts of relaunching Kashmir as “paradise with positive shades”.


Kashmir till recent past of its history has witnessed decline in exports and dip in economic growth because of uncertainties around in the region. The process of revitalising of the economy of Kashmir is surely to take off and reach the zenith with this event. With the G20 event in Srinagar, the entrepreneurship sector will get developed andstrengthen, the young generation could largely benefit from.


During the event in Srinagar, local business community is likely to interact with a network of representatives, business men, delegates and investors from around the world. The investment opportunities in the region are expected to get established.


Creation of job opportunities, discovering new fields of employability and treading the path of development would give boost to the local economy and infrastructure development here. Kashmir shall succeed in motivating the world community for heavy investments in Kashmirandthat is likely to work as a major contributor forchanging the landscape of economy and move towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


The cultural and traditional heritage of Kashmir is varied, manifold and multi faceted. It has the capacity and scope to blend with the cultural and ethnic identities of the other nations thus could serve a great deal in establishing new cultural and emotional bondings, strong in nature. Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage and great mystic traditions have a universal appeal and could be vital in sending the message across that it continues to be a paradise.It could be explained well in the backdrop of Amir Khusrao’s poetic description of Kashmir;

 “Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameenast,

Hameenast-o hameenast-o hameenast.

(If there is paradise on earth it is this, it is this, it is this)



(Author is a freelance writer. The views expressed are authors own

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